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I have a sbs 2003 with 10 local users and some more via vpn connection. Due to low internet speed I changed my ISP. I have not disconnected my previous ISP yet so right now I have 2 internet ready to be used.

The old internet connection is working fine but when I connect the new internet connection I do not have internet in my network. I received all information from the new ISP like  IP, Primary DNS, Secondary DNS, Subnet Mask from the new ISP but do not know where and how to use them.

When I connect the new internet connection to a laptop directly, I have internet connection perfectly but when I connect the same cable to the network I do not have internet. In order to give you a picture of the setting, please note as below:

Cable Modem from comcase===>Linksys wireless router(WRT54GS)===>hub switch(Netgear JFS524)===>server and all local computers are connected to hub switch

I know that I have to setup ther linksys router with new ISP given information as well as my lan but do not know how to do it. Can you help me please?



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SBS 2003

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well you have to access the firmware your linksys router by going then you put in the new configuration from the new ISP like the ip,dns and etc. i think your network should be like this cable modem hook up to the router with the server then its hooked up to the hub switch for your local users of 10 (just my opinion) for easier in your case to setup the whole network. and manage it the same time.

Also, if you can’t log in (forgot username/password) to your router, maybe this website could help:

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  • Dadaservice
    Ok I am in Linksys setup page. It is asking the internet connection tyle, should I select "Automatic Configuration-DHCP" or "Static IP? If I select "automa....-DHCP" tehre is no place to enter new ISP info (IP, DNS,...). If your answer is "Static IP" then I can enter the new ISP IP, DNS,.... but there is no where to enter my local network ip. I mean how the router will detect my local machines and server. For your information my Lan IP is like 192.168.10.xx and gateway is and all WINS/DNS/DHCP are Dont you think that any of this LAN info should be set somewhere on router?
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  • r3boot
    then chooses the static ip address then input the configuration that was given to you by the new ISP , on the linksys router, then when all configuration is already there your internet connection should connect on your server, then for your LAN let it detect the network settings then it should connect your local machines..dont worry about the LAN ip your gettin' right now, because that ip coming from the router when the router detects each machine it gives their assigned ip ranges on the network in order to communicate, if any assigned ip by router is duplicated it will create collision on the network, your LAN ip will change because of the new settings that was given to you by the new ISP
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  • Yasir Irfan
    May be you Lynksys has a DHCP service enabled, if you are getting an IP address for the new connection from your ISP then disable DHCP service in your lynksys device.
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