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I want to be able to interact with the file system on a virtual machine from my Windows 7 desktop. How can I do this?

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It is possible to interact with the virtual machine from within windows 7 by logging onto guest OS and using the virtual machine desktop / by using virtual applications.
First do as
1. Start menu > Windows Virtual PC
2. Now start the virtual machine from the file list by selecting the virtual machine and click open and windows virtual opens the virtual machine window and displays the video output of the virtual machine.
Next until and unless u publish the virtual machine applications to windows 7, u may not get to operate it….
Now open the virtual machine and install the application in the virtual machine.
Remember, for instance, to install any sw from a CD/DVD, insert the media in the drive. Now the Autorun window appears in the host operating system, just close the window ( u can prevent it by pressing ctrl key). Go to the virtual OS, and open CD/DVD drive and do ur work.
After installation log off from the guest OS & close the virtual machine.
Now do some ur….
Open the application from windows 7. Start menu > All Programs > Windows Virtual PC, and then click the name of the application, which is just below the name of the virtual machine. After a while, the application opens.

NOTES: If windows 7 and Documents folder are shared with the virtual machine, u can save documents to those locations from the virtual application. Select Save and the application will list the storage locations available on windows 7, such as the Documents folder.
One more caution, u want to use an application installed on virtual machine from the desktop of windows 7, remember, must close the virtual machine first.

Hope it may help u !

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  • carlosdl
    You didn't mention the virtualization product you are using, which is important. Some products offer a "shared folders" feature, which allows you to share folders between the host and the guest, and that could be the closest you may be able to get to what you want. Depending on the network configuration, you could also share folders/drives in guest OS.
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  • carlosdl
    Let's hope Rechil's answer (which assumes MS Virtual PC as virtualization product) helps in some way, but the question was about interacting with the guest file system, not about installing and running applications on it.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    @Carlosdl, I know that, the above answer does not pinpoint / exact to his/her Q ! Though u r also asking for more details. So, what is the value or gain that if I also asked for more details.... or provide almost same answer/discussion. Ur guess is true (MS Virtual PC)! and also I guessed to resolve the Q. I provided some clues or tried to track his/her query. After that there is more chance to get at least once reply from his/her, coz, I observe that, maximum time the question asker does not reply after his/her first Query. But some members provide the same answer/discussion in the Answer Wiki though already an almost suitable answer was there..... For example please Visit Here and patiently read the full story
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  • jinda
    Virtual machines are programs and any OS installed lives aural that affairs so there is little adventitious it can affect the aboriginal operating arrangement in a abrogating way. Close the basic apparatus and aggregate is aback to normal. Restart the basic apparatus and it is as you larboard it. caterpillar skates
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  • jinda
    Each new feature in Window7 makes me want it more and more Skip hire...
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