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We are doing AD2003 to AD2008 Migration. Two Separate Forests. We already have Two-Way Forest Trust Relationship between both Forests. In an Inter-Forest or Inter-Org, what is the step by step process to migrate mailboxes from Exchange 2003 Org to Exchange 2007 Org using Exchange Migration Wizard 2007 or Exchange Command Shell? We don't want to use ExMerge to Export and Import Mailboxes into PST as it is not an option for us. Do we need any Inter-Org Exchange Connector for this Mailbox Migration or Active Directory Two-Way Trust Relationship is enough to migrate the Mailboxes? If Yes, how do we create Inter-Org Connector between two Exchange Orgs and why we need this Connector? Thanks in advance, Muhammad

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Please follow and use the following steps, it will centainly help your concern.
Cross-org Mailbox Moves

Cross Org migrations are the ones where a mailbox needs to be moved from one Exchange Organization to another. Since there can only be one Exchange Organization per Forest, that means moving the mailbox between two different Forests.

Exchange Migration Wizard was used to perform this task in Exchange 2003. Exchange 2007 has incorporated Cross Org migrations into the server code base, so now Administrators can perform these moves by using the same task used for Intra Org migrations: Move-mailbox.

The following versions are supported for this kind of move:

Source Server:

Exchange 2000 SP3 (or later)
Exchange 2003 SP1 (or later)
Exchange 2007
Target Server:

Exchange 2003 SP1 (or later)
Exchange 2007
Exchange Permission requirements:

Logon account for the user who is running Move-Mailbox needs to be a granted the “Exchange Recipient Administrators” role for Source and Target Forests and “Exchange Servers” role for both source and target Server. Permissions for legacy Exchange Servers remain the same as they were for Exchange 2003 Migration Wizard.
Process Overview

Move-Mailbox in a Cross Org scenario can be divided in the following steps:

Open Server Connections
Connect to the source and target server – checks if credential and server version is valid
Gather Source Information
Read source User Mailbox attributes
Check if source mailbox is a system mailbox (Fail if it is)
Check if source user does not have a mailbox (Fail if it does not)
Gather Target information
Check mailbox size limit against target database limits
Check if we can match the source NT account in the target Forest (account match based on SMTP address, source objectSID and target sidHistory, and legacyExchangeDN). If match is found, this account will be email enabled.
Check if target mailbox exists (used to determine if merge is needed)
Check if source mailbox is a resource mailbox (If it is the target user must be disabled)
Update Directory Information before Move
Lock access to source mailbox
Create the target mailbox
Lock target mailbox
Move Mailbox Content
Move the mailbox content
Update Directory Information after Move
Update mailbox location attributes on source and target user accounts
Unlock target mailbox
Post-Migration Cleanup:
Remove Source mailbox / Remove AD User if cleanup parameter was used
Unlock Source mailbox if no cleanup was specified

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  • JBoslooper
    Hello, Is there anyone with an answer for this scenario? I have roughly the same situation. 2 Separate Forests, joined by a trust. I need to migrate from one Exchange 2007 server to another Exchange 2007 server (Inter-Forest). I know about ExMerge however with the new and almighty Exchange 2007 , I understand they've made some improvements in the Inter-Forest/Inter-Org migration capabilities. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. -John
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