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I am looking to buy a new laptop in the coming months.  I see that some are coming with processors rated at lower speeds but have Turbo Boost.  Does anyone have any thoughts as to how effective this is?
Also, is there any difference between 1 stick of RAM at 2G or 2 sticks at 1G?
I see there is a lot of stuff online but I was hoping to see if anyone here had experience to chime in with.

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laptops, no specific brand

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I am assuming this is the Intel processor “Turbo Boost” technology. The technology allows a core (or multiple cores of a 4 or more core CPU) to run at greater than rated speed while other core(s) are idle. It has to do with heat generation and dissipation. It is an interesting technology that can potentially boost CPU performance. What you may see is dependent on what applications you have running. Intel has nice presentations on its web site discussing this capability.

As to what physical form the memory takes, that depends on the system vendor and chipset. Many laptops will run with a single DIMM or mismatched size DIMMs. Some will run faster (it varies and you may or may not can see a difference) if you use matched pairs of DIMMs. The new Intel core i7 will run optimally on 3 matched DIMMs provided the chipset implementation is set for tri-channel memory.

If you are not gaming or running a high end CPU intensive application then maximizing memory throughput may not matter in your use. The majority of business users fall into the not needing extreme throughput category.

For memory, 2 GB is fine for a 32-bit OS. If you have some memory intensive applications you can bump that to 3 or 4 GB.

Note that most 32-bit OSs on modern hardware can only use between 2.6 GB to 3.4 GB of RAM. This is a limit of the 32-bit OS address space.

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    It makes sense that both of them work just fine. Is there a marked difference between the two? Any thoughts on the Turbo Boost?
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    Thank you for the answer. If I get an i7 processor I will let you know.
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  • Hlx
    IMHO - the biggest difference between 1x2GB and 2x1GB DIMM is at upgrade time. Assuming the laptop only has 2 SO-DIMM slots, upgrading from 2GB to 4GB is as simple as purchasing another 2GB so-dimm and installing it if you have an empty slot. The same purchase otherwise will only raise you to 3GB and you will have to take one 1GB out. This might not mean as much if you are running a 32-bit OS but very few systems other than Netbooks come with 32-bit these days.
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