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We are implementing BI 7.0 for HR. The original HCM implementation at our company occured 5+ years ago. At the time, it was decided to not bring into SAP withdrawn (terminated) legacy employees. The assumption being if data for those employees was needed it would be analytical in nature and HR could pull from the data warehouse. So a SAP PERN (Personnel Number) was never assigned to these former employees, pre-sap. Now we are converting the data into BW. The key for our pre-SAP data is SSN which given the attention around NPI data we’d like and have been given the requirement to move away from using. A additional requirement is that the reporting in BI be seamless for the users. They can pull one report which will include SAP and Pre-SAP data. To accomplish this we will need a PERN, either a made up PERN or an actual SAP PERN. We can of course assign a made number PERN using a code or a number range unlikely to be used by SAP. But the issue becomes what if one of those pre-sap employees returns to work. In ECC they will be assigned a valid SAP PERN and once their data is loaded into BI it will not be consistent. Our primary solution is to load these employees into SAP (Hire process) to generate a PERN, and then set them as inactive/withdrawn. In this case, the PERN would be unique and would never be used for another new hire. We would then assign the SAP PERN to the pre-sap data records and load into BI, master data and transactional data. If a pre-sap employee was to return, a valid PERN would already exist and would be used and our master data would align in BI once loaded. Our SAP team has concerns over loading these folks in SAP just for BI reporting purposes. There are over 20,000 employees that need a SAP PERN. We do have another pure BI solution but it’s a manually intensive, inefficient process. So here are the questions, How have you or others accomplished these requirements associated with legacy HR data? What is SAP best practice for this situation?

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Hi, BI dude Both solutions are worthwhile. Solution A – Loading into SAP and then loading from SAP to BI in the usual process: SAP team’s concern could be that it is a pretty good volume – 20,000 emp. This could impact the resources/performance in SAP. Solution B: This would be better I believe. I would suggest: Use personal numbers for the pre-SAP empl in a high number range and for the normal SAP hired employees the range below. For example 0000 0001 to 8999 9999 for SAP hires and 9000 0000 to 9049 9999 for the pre-SAP or others. Also the Social security number would be one of the ID’s for the person. This is on the assumption that you are not creating personnel numbers all over the place in SAP. Hope this helps. JG

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