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Hello, Myself shiraz, I got one problem. There are Five Floor in one Office which has Switches COnneted to each floor. They are getting LAN and WAN Connection through Centralized Wireless Server Room. Also We have access point to get connectivity from Head Office, which is just near to us. And that access point connected to switch. Now, the problem is getting less internet speed to each floor that has Managers init. For that reason, i recommend them to put seperate Internet Connection for Manager in each floor, by dedicating n installing one server who has two NIC Card, also setting up as a gateway server for only Managers. The previous Net connection was through Proxy Server from the Centralized Wireless Server. So i could remove proxy client configuration from managers system and provide gateway for managers without disturbing LAN IPs Now if im right, the Lan settings for manager would be disturbed or not. I want to ask that, is that my configuration is right way to access Internet Connection as well as LAN for Managers. Any advice or suggestion on this -shiraz

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Frankly, installing a separate Internet connection for managers only sounds like you’re trying to please management so that they don’t notice that you have a more serious problem.

I’m not sure what you mean by “wireless server room”, but it implies that you are running much of your infrastructure over wireless. This is not good for several reasons: security, performance, control to name 3.

If you are in a place where you must use wireless (for example: old buildings that you can’t rewire), then I’d suggest that you use some of your wireless equipment as a backbone on a separate channel (at least 3 channels away from other equipment), lock down access to the MAC addresses of the other backbone equipment, with a good encryption key, minimal power settings, and directional antennas to keep it separate.

In other words, design your wireless links using a similar architecture to a good wired network where there is clear separation of communications links. My best guess for right now is that everyone is stepping on everyone else’s feet so to speak. You need to clearly separate functions and areas.

Also look at channel spread across floors of the building so that each floor has its own channel, and use horizontal spread antennas (I can’t think of the right term, and it’s not polarization) to keep one floor from interfering with its adjacent neighbors. Also consider separate SSID’s and encryption keys for each floor.

This is not a trivial problem, and I don’t pretend that I’m giving you the solution, but this should get you pointed in the right direction.


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  • Aftabn
    Just make sure you have a decent amount of bandwidth and then configure you proxy server to give more priority to the people in the managers group. this functionality is present in most of the proxy servers.
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  • OnlineTechSupport
    Yep Aftab Your Absolutely Right!!!, But I cant go to Head Office and workout there for proxy server. I already got that idea before. But there are some restrictions in head office. For that reason i want to implement High Speed Internet COnnections. Manager Itself asking for High Speed Internet Connection of Sify. Give me the way to install and configure one dedicated server for Internet Connections As Gateway for Manager to access internet, but be sure..without disturbing to my LAN.. Is I could able to configure both internet and LAN to Manager. Bquick
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  • Cptrelentless
    If you point the users directly to your firewall, you could reduce the amount of delay from the proxy. Depends on how your routes are set up. If you have an ISA or proxy server then the likelihood is there's a filter between you and the outside ensuring the only traffic is to and from the proxy. If your manager wants this surely he can get permission for you to make this change to your existing proxy. Unusual network activity like an unlisted proxy or traffic bypassing the existing one is going to ring some bells with someone.
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  • PeterMac
    Simple, quick, dirty, wont solve basic problems, but should get managers off your back. 1) Install seperate ASDL internet connection for managers, 2) Run this through a good cheap hardware firewall, (I use SONICWALL, but there are others as good if not better) 3) Take out proxy configuration for managers, and replace with "gatway" setting pointing to new firewall. This should not affect normal lan connection unless you have internal gateways, and routers between floors, in this case will need to configure firewall routing to compensate. If you need more help, contact privately, I will need some detailed info regarding your network setup.
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