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I am now responsible for installing PTFs on the as400. I will be performing my first install on June 25th. I have some questions if someone doesn't mind helping? 1. Documentation says to check the CD to make sure that it works. I put the CD in my CD drive at my local PC and browsed through the files. There seemed to be no problems with the CD, however, is there another process I am supposed to do? Am I supposed to load the CD on the AS400 Optical Drive and check it from there, or is what I have already done enough? 2. I have been researching IBM?s support sight for PSP (Preventive Service Planning) reports. I have found these reports, which there are about 20 to 21 different reports containing different information. Right now I am trying to decipher through all the information in these reports to determine which ones I need and which ones I do not need. I hear people in the industry say look at the HIPER PSP report and the cumulative PTF reports to order the PTFs listed on these reports. Do you have any experience with viewing these reports and how do you determine which PTFs to download, or do you just wait for the next cumulative package of PTFs to come out? If you wait on the next cumulative PTF package, how do you determine when to order it and how do you order it? I assume you put in the command SNDPTFORD and supply the PTF identifier for the package. Is there something else? 3. When you receive the CD from IBM containing the cumulative package of PTFs, how do obtain the cover letters off of the CD for the PTFs? I have read some documentation that says you should view the cover letters of the PTFs for special instructions before installing the PTFs. 4. On the PSP reports on the IBM website, it gives the current cumulative package number of C5102530. It says that cume package C5032530 began shipping in April. How do I determine which cume package I have on my CD? The cover of the CD says C6069150_01. Is this the cume package that I have received? By the way, I am on V5R3 in case anyone needs to know. If there are any other tips or pitfalls to look out for I would appreciate the help. Thanks.

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I did not see you include and Entire System Save before you put on the CUMe. Please do this. And it appears your new job is going to cost you money. I would suggest a System Operations book for the details and clarity of what you are doing. This could be a disaster without the proper knowledge which is to detailed to just give you.

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  • Pmaddox
    I agree with the last reply that it's probably best to do some proper training for such a critical area of maintaining your iSeries. The only other comment I would make is that I find ordering my PTF's (including the cume package) via the Internet much better than using the SNDPTFORD command on the iSeries machine itself. I do, however, automatically order SF98077 (V5R2) every week which tells me the latest PTFs issued and when the cume packages are available.
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  • Bkr0963c
    I appreciate your insights. I have ordered and read through two books (AS400 Primer and AS400 Professional System Operator Certification Guide) as well as I intend to read through some IBM manuals on this subject if I can find some. I understand the concepts in general behind this process, however, I lack in the application process. This will be my first PTF install, and I am trying to cover all my bases. I have already created a procedure document for the PTF install outlining the steps that I want to take including the system backup, however, once again, there is some information I don't see covered. If either of you know of some good books that I can get I would appreciate it. I have already looked at to see what they have to offer. That is where I ordered the books that I already have. Anyways, thanks for the insights.
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