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Windows 7
Hi everybody, I am going to install AS/400 on my PC with Windows 7. I have never used it before, and I am going to install it on my PC and learn about it. I believe this software can be used to order shipment and... I found TN5250 from Internet, but it does not work. I will appreciate if somebody can give me a link to install trial version of AS/400 and also how to install it? More appreciated. MD

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As mentioned TN5250, Client Access and WebSphere ( a GUI interface if anyone still uses it) are tools that will let you connect to an i-Series machine. On their own they will not work. This makes trying to learn about all the features of an RPG/COBOL or other programming environment on an i-Series or IBM-i tough for beginners. You need access to a real machine. This lets you check out OUTQ’s JOBQ’s and the full array of operational commands. That means either your school or work system. Some may not give you remote access due to security reasons.

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  • Subhendu Sen

    Assuming you are asking for installable image of client access which is known as IBM I access for Windows. The link is here,

    and as you mentioned tn5250, for your better concepts, please link here,

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  • TheRealRaven
    Subhendu Sen gave a link to the installation instructions for IBM i version 7.1. If that's not the version of your server, then you should post your server's version so we can provide the appropriate link.

    There have been no "AS/400s" available from IBM for maybe 10 years. If you actually want to connect to an actual "AS/400", it's possibly to old for us to supply any instructions at all. The current systems are "IBM i", though you might be connecting to an "iSeries" system.

    As for obtaining connection software, you'll have to ask your server administrator. We don't know where your administrator might store installation images. And if you don't have an IBM account that allows you to sign in to IBM's 'Entitled Software Support' (ESS) site, then you can't download from there either.

    Why is TN5250 not working? What happens when you try it?
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  • ToddN2000
    Let us know which model iSeries and OS release you are trying to connect to. Also what version of Client Access are you trying to load and does it match the iSeries version?
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  • WoodEngineer
    Highly recommend using IBM's Access Client Solutions 5250 Emulation. This is much simpler to install - only one Java program.
    However, none of this makes sense unless you have access to an IBM i.
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