Install IDE drive as slave on a Vista Dual Core Processor w/SATA primary drive

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First: Got a new Vista machine (pentium Dual Core Processor) w/SATA hard drive. Want to install a 5 year old 40 gig Western Digital IDE drive as a slave for storage. The motherboard has what looks like a connection for an IDE drive. The connection on the board is blue to match the blue end of the IDE 80 wire ribbon cable. Therefore I'm making an assumption. Someone at Best Buy said if I installed a drive that old it could blow up my new computer. Doesn't sound right, but thought I'd check it out first. I haven't messed with pc hardware for about 5 years and everything has changed. I'm also assuming a ribbon cable will work, and I don't need to buy one of those new round ones. Second: how do I set the jumpers. The SATA has 4 sets of 2. Definely not the same as the 5 sets of 2 on the IDE. Do I need to set SATA as master and IDE as slave? Any tips?

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OK, first the guy at Best Buy is an idiot. (Feel free to tell him I said that.)

If the motherboard has an IDE connector on it, then your job is easy. Set the IDE drive for Master, and plug it in.

You don’t need to change anything on the SATA drive as they are not being plugged into each other. You only need to set a drive to slave if that drive will be on the same cable as a drive which is set to master. As IDE and SATA drives can’t be plugged into each other, there’s no problem there.

Your CD/DVD is probably IDE (could be SATA) so you can plug the IDE drive into the same cable as the CD/DVD drive just set one for master and one for slave.

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  • Vatchy
    Another option is to set the jumper on the HD and CD/DVD to CS which means Cable Select. Since you're not booting from them it doesn't matter which one is master or slave and you can set them both the same.
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  • Pcman43
    The only problem that I have seen with this combo in the past is, you need to make sure that the IDE drive you are installing has not been installed as a master boot drive before with the op system still on it. If this is done the computer will try to boot off the IDE drive even if it is set as a slave on the primary IDE channel. As long as the secondary drive is blank or not an active partition it will work fine.
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  • Brenger
    I finally installed it. Piece of cake. I did set the IDE jumper to slave and have no problems. Used a ribbon cable. When I booted after install, a window popped up just like I connected a USB drive....pretty cool. I do intend to tell the people at Best Buy about their error. Thanks for everyone's input.
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