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i want to add different indicators to DSPATR keyword of every feild. but fields are more than indicators.if i provide same to all, all become on after doing on for particular field.Plz sort out this problem.

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What are you trying to achieve? Do you have more than 99 fields on your screen?


Martin Gilbert.

I agree with Gilbert – do not understand question but here’s some hints
Create a seperate line for each with a different indicators as reqired.
With care, the same indicators can be used for different meanings on differnt records.
Indicators 1-24 are generally reserved for function key related activities.

FLD1 3 B 5 15
FLD2 3 B 5 15
FLD3 3 B 5 15

Indicators can also be used with the and/or status — first three PR uses 31 or 33
Multiple indicators – FLD3 RI are an and statement – in32 on AND in34 not on.



Scrap the indicators and try using DSPATR(&Field). With this technique you define a field of type P and 1 character long that is associated with the field you want to change the attributes on. Say you have a field called ACCT. Add a DSPATR(&EACCT) on the field and define a P type field named EACCT on the same display file format. When you want to display a particular attribute like reverse image etc, you load the hex value of the attribute into EACCT before displaying. Always make sure you reset hex values back to normal when not displaying errors etc.

The DDS manual in the Info Center online has a list of the attribute hex values you can set.


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  • Kapiltiwari
    Ok I explain.... My program is using two display files having 5 records format each.i have to display 130 fields with DSPATR . it means i have repeated same indicators to different record format.suppose i display 'B' window screen by selecting 'YES' on 'A' screen . both screen having same indicators . if i seton indicators of screen "B", indicators of Scren 'A' too seton . on displaying both screen having reverse image attribute. .....................this is the problem
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, I see your dilemma. What you can do (an old S/36 trick) is to save the indicators to an array and reset them all between screens. Something along these lines (syntax may not be correct) :- C EXFMT SCREENA C MOVEA*IN SCRA_IN C MOVEA*ALL'0' *IN etc.... C EXFMT SCREENB C MOVEA*IN SCRB_IN C MOVEA*ALL'0' *IN Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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  • Kapiltiwari
    Thanks Dear
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