In z/OS, can you write a message to another job’s job log?

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I've got several situations where I'd like a program (e.g. a batch program) to be able to write a message in another job's job log (e.g. to a CICS region saying "I've just set application ABC into overnight mode" or some such). I don't recall seeing this feature anywhere and have been through the Assembler macros manual and JES2 macros, as well as doing a bit of general forum searching, and haven't been able to find anything yet.  The authorized form of the WTO macro does allow JOBNAME and JOBID parameters but these seem to be simply for message identification as far as I can tell, not for actual routing to another address space's job log. Does anyone have any idea if this is possible?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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z/OS 1.11 on IBM zSeries

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Interesting question.
I’m unaware of the ability you ask for.

WTO is Write To Operator – it goes to the console.
WTOR is Write To Operator with Reply – it goes to the console and stays on the console until the operator responds to it. (It can be a “dummy” response).

the TSO SEND command will allow you to send a message to another TSO userid. I’ve never tried it sending to a batch job (or a STC).

Batch jobs might be able to send an email.

Please let me know if you find a way to do this.



I just found this exact discussion on the IBM_MAIN list server. I’ll bet its you. But for any others interested here is the URL.

* Send message to another job’s joblog – 5 new

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  • TomLiotta
    Is there a reason you tagged this with AS/400 job logs and iSeries job logs? Those have no connection to z/OS (except all come from IBM). It's technically possible on AS/400s and iSeries, but I can only guess if it's possible under z/OS. I would assume that someone very knowledgeable about z/OS internals would know how it could be done. Tom
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  • Jamesp33
    Thanks very much for the responses. To Steve: I should have clarified that I was looking for the equivalent of a WTO with route code 11 directed to another address space. You're correct, I did also post this on IBM_MAIN, and the answer so far seem to be that you could schedule an SRB to the target address space, which would then have to schedule an IRB which would in turn issue an SVC-style WTO. The other alternative I had thought of was trying to programatically issue a "$dm" JES2 command, but this message does not seem to actually appear on the job log until some other message (any message) has been issued by the target address space. To Tom: I didn't realise I'd managed to tag this as AS/400 and iSeries - it's definitely only meant as a z/OS question. Put it down to a newbie error I'm afraid - sorry about that. James
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