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Hello, I have a large database on ms access with more than 100 tables. I am planning to do migrate this database into MS SQL Server 2005. I am receiving info into database access on a daily basis. So I have to do an auto job to import data from access into SQL Server 2005. I think that creating a stored procedure to have an automated job per day may fit my aim, do you have any idea about how can I do it? Please a help waiting your reply as soon as possible! Thanks!

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What about using the SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access.

Once converted, set your app to use the SQL Server database instead of the Access DB.

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    can I use this command extended procedure xp_cmdshell to copy data from access (refer to its path) and set them inside the database on sqlserver 2005 which is taking the same format database structure as access???? As I am receiving data on a daily basis which are set into access database and I have to implement front end pages and reports. For this aim, I want to create a stored procedure to generate the data from access into sql server 2005 in an auto schedualed job. Please a help for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • Kurthp
    To the best of my knowledge, you can't do it this way. Your 100+ table Access database is inside one Access .mdb file. Using xp_cmdshell to copy the .mdb file will not create the database structure/data within SQL Server. Using the SQL Server Migration Assistant for Access would allow you to convert the tables/data from Access to SQL Server. Best would be to then change your front end/reports to be directed toward the SQL Server database. Having said that, once the base structure/data exists within SQL Server, you could then create a Linked Server within SQL Server to your Access database and then write procedures to bring in new data from Access.
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  • watabastid
    I have the same issue. I cannot convert my Access DB to SQL cause I don't have access to the front end of it. I just need to move some data over on a daily basis. I need to import data using a stored procedure.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    There r several ways to do that:
    From sql client tool (i .e sql server management studio for 2005), right click the database that u want to add data to & select import data. This wizard guides u to select the ms access file as a data source while possible to map one/ more/ all tables into sql database.
    Else u can use ODBC to create data source based on sql server.
    or u can navigate here :

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  • Genderhayes
    an xml data type that could be used either as a data type in database columns or as literals in queries. XML columns can be associated with xsd schemas; XML data being stored is verified against the schema. XML is converted to an internal binary data type before being stored in the database
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  • Genderhayes
    Integrated environment for accessing, configuring, managing, administering, and developing all components of SQL Server, as well as combining a broad group of graphical tools and rich script editors that provide access to SQL Server to developers
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