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Hello, Shiraz, I want to implement n configure VPN Server, so that my mobiles users and employee can access there file and network through Securely VPN Connection. Can any body help me out of this.. I need complete n detailed about VPN Configurations. What Hardware n software do i need to have sucessfull VPN Configuration. I awaiting for good response, advices and suggestions. thanks .q

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I would look into buying a SonicWall router and the necessary licenses. There configurations are very easy to set up and their hardware is very reliable and secure. Adding global VPN clients is very easy as well and the documentation on their website is what I use when setting up the VPNs for our various customers

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  • Cptrelentless
    If you've already got a server, why not open the port on your firewall to allow your choice of encapsulation and run it off that server? You'll want two NICs, one in your DMZ with an externally visible IP/DNS record and one connected to the internal network. Depends on how technically capable you are and how much you're willing to spend.
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  • OnlineTechSupport
    Hello Everybody, I just want to to configure n implement VPN Server in 2003 securely with high authentication. so that my cleint n mobile users can access my Network. What the first step I have to make. Its urgent!!!!!!!!11
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  • Cptrelentless
    You need routing and remote access. Run the wizard. remember to select allow broadcast name resolution for your internal NIC if you aren't handing out fixed IPs, in the IP properties section. Also remove the DHCP relay agent unless you are behind a router. Then it'll work in its basic state. If you run the security configuration wizared after you've done this it'll tell you the services etc that you can stop to secure it down. It's all dependent on your authentication/encription requirements.
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  • Pheary
    As I am new for how to configuring VPN Server, So I could not help you but I hope someone will you and please share it to me. Thanks in advance
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  • Dbell6809
    We currently are using a Cisco 3030 VPN that is in parallel with our firewall. We forward authentication requests to a radius server using windows authentication. This allows us to meet password ageing requirements. We also have our wireless users on a seperate network that is behind our firewall. We only allow access to the VPN throuhg the firewall and they must first authenticate to the VPN(windows authentication) before they are allowed thru.The Cisco VPN 3030 is a more expensive solution but is does offer hardware encryption and is very scalable.
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  • ChristinePolewarczyk
    I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but we've got a "Step-by-Step Guide: How to set up a VPN" on that you might find useful. Here's the link if you're interested:,289142,sid43_gci1069414,00.html. Good luck! Regards, Christine Polewarczyk Editor
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  • Gasup1
    Depending on the number of users, this should work. I use a Cisco PIX 506E firewall, which allows for either hardware or software VPN connections. The mobile users (as long as they have internet access) simply open the client software and connect, then they have all the access that they have in the office. Configuration is simple, but best done by a certified Cisco Tech.
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  • Ramheka
    hi there IMplementing VPN is fairly easy it all depends on your budget and the number of coonections that will be made. also the type of OS you are running if you want something cheap and functional well documented try Smoothwall it is a linux box that outperformed CISCO firewalls in some cases. to set it up very easy and the configuration is done through a web interface. otherwise get yourself a pix501 which is basically all go from the box and it is a matter of clicking on next and follw the on screen prompts the only thing you need is a radius server Ms ISA 2004 is even an easier and good VPN/firewall I can say that is in the checkpoint league I've used all of them in different senarios no matter which one you go for they only take minutes to set up just get started
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  • Elli Reano
    Don't hold it in! Tell us more!
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