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Hi all, I have a question and submitted long back. But till now i didn't get any reponse. Task: If there is any change in the length of a field or a new field added into the existing file, we need to do some Impact Analysis which is time consuming.So i thought of developing a utility for that. Doubt:I'll just input the file name,It should search from the Library List and should display all the programs, that file is being used. Actually it should search for the file that i have inputed and if it has any dependent files, then taking those dependent files also it should search and should display all the programs. I dont want to use DSPPGMREF because then i have to check for every program whether that file is present or not.This would be again time consuming. I also dont want to use FNDSTRPDM, as we may not know how many Source Physical Files are present for each library.Also this would be again time consuming. If it is possible through an API also its fine. If any one knows about this please respond.It would of great help if you do so.Thanks in advance................ My Mail id :

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We use Pathfinder from Hawkeye Information systems to do the research you just described. Not only does it find every query and program that use the file but it also builds a mass compile list for you to recompile the programs that are affected by the file change.

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  • TomLiotta
    Please explain why you don't want to use DSPPGMREF. You won't get more information that's useful to you from an API and it'll be easier (for you) processing the file from DSPPGMREF than output from an API. Even so, that part will only take 1-2% of the entire project time because it's so easy relative to the rest. You've already put more time into thinking about it than it would take to actually do it. And the rest is far more difficult. Just use DSPPGMREF and get on to the hard stuff. Tom
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  • nirmu400
    DSPPGMREF is a good option to start with and normally we uses Hawk-eye tool. But tools are also made of similar commands…..
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  • reg
    I have an impact analysis utility availiable for free to the public and it has been in use for years. It builds a metafile and displays file usage (PF,LF,DSPF and PRTF) instantly. Can send it to you in a downloaded savefile.
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  • Splat
    Tom has the right of it. I've used the following a number of times:
    Scanning the resulting outfile is easy using just RUNQRY. I don't see what's 'time consuming' about that, especially compared to writing your own utility to accomplish the same result.
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  • philpl1jb
    DSPPGMREF doesn't catch SQL uses of the file or External Data Structures. Important? sometimes. Phil
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  • TomLiotta
    DSPPGMREF doesn’t catch SQL uses of the file... Since at least V5R3, it does. I don't know when it started, but it was apparently quite a few years ago. I'd guess that the external DS wouldn't be caught because the program doesn't actually reference the object -- the compiler just copies the field definitions. Tom
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