Imbed and Link External Excel Spreadsheet into Visio

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Looking to utilize an external spreadsheet which maintains various information pertaining to our move from one data center to another. Items included are ip address, rack, U, hostname. The question is I want to utilize this spreadsheet as my source. Then within my Visio, I have tabs for each Rack. Within each Tab, I want to "link" the information related to "rack" and then all related information be imbedded into the visio tab. Any direction would be helpful.  I've attempted within sharepont and SMB shares. 

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Excel and Visio 2007 Sharepoint SMB

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Well it seems nobody wants to help you on this so I’ll give it a go.

I’ve never integrated Visio and Excel, but VBA is VBA and I always thought about bridging that gap. So here is one way (I tested it and it works! – You’re okay with coding right?)

First: Create an Excel Spreadsheet with a range named “Data”

On the first page create a table. The table will have two columns. In the first column (say – in cell A3) add the title “Number”. In the second column (B3) type “Name”. Add some values to the table so it looks like:

Number Name
1 One
2 Two
3 Three

Now name the range “Data”. You can do this in Office 2007 using the Formulas tab and the “Name Manger” option.

Save the spreadsheet as C:\TEMP.XLS.

Second: Add a shape that accepts text to your Visio

Third: Add some VBA to your Visio project

You’ll need to get to the VBE (Visual Basic Editor). The short cut key is Alt-F11 (the same as in all MS office products).

Next, select Tools > References > and scroll way down until you find something like “Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects 6.0 Library”. If you don’t have version 6.0 – no worries, just check whatever is closest and click OK. That just added ADO functionality to your Visio project.

Then, add this subroutine:

Sub Main()

Dim sConnect As String
sConnect = "Driver={Microsoft Excel Driver (*.xls)};" & _

Dim sSQL As String
sSQL = "Select Name from Data where Number = 2"

ActivePage.Shapes(1).Text = SQLRead(sSQL, sConnect)

End Sub


This declares a connection string that tells ADO to look for your data in an Excel spreadsheet called C:\Temp.xls.

Then we write a tiny SQL script.

Lastly, we assign to the first shape’s text what is in Excel.

All you need now is the SQLRead function. And that is in my blog at: Beyond Excel – Using ADO to Read a Database

Copy and paste that code into your Visio VBE Code window. Once done, click anywhere in the Main subroutine and press F5 to run it. Check your Visio diagram. The first shape will have the word “two”.

Now you have the basic tools to linking Excel data to Visio Shapes. Good luck. I hope this helped.

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