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Hi there, I have a query regarding cheating in online examination. The thing is that I appeared for an online examination conducted by a Government body. During ongoing exam, screenshots/images of the questions asked in the exam went viral on social networking websites. The commission took it into notice and cancelled the ongoing exam. Then they conducted a re-exam and again there were cases of mass cheating. There are rumors that some students attempted the exam without even going to the examination centre, some students cheated with the help of remote access. I am curious to know if it is possible. If yes, what could be the methods that were adopted in doing it?

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One way to limit the cheating is to not allow mobile device in the exam if you are going to a center to do so. IF they can do this off site there is little you can do to stop it other than change your testing procedures/policies. There are so many way people try to cheat the system. One way would be to force the people to prove their identity when they show to take the exam and turn in mobile device or better yet if this is for a government body then use a signal jammer to block all mobile wi-fi signals.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Yes, it is possible. If there is security lacks in their network. They are Government Body and you can not do anything. It is their duty to tighten their network security etc. Now the question is how? Generally this is called hacking, which is an illegal/criminal activity. We are not going to encourage any kind of illegal activity. So this is not possible to describe here. Also in future you never ask for this tricks. Better if possible, you can learn Ethical hacking.
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  • TheRealRaven
    It can certainly be done, and relatively easily. An example would be with insider help. Or perhaps access via social engineering.

    But exactly "how" can only be guessed. No one here had any part in it. Anyone who took part would deny it. And anyone who would disclose exactly how is likely not trustworthy.
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  • rihab188
    @Subhendu Sen and @TheRealRaven, I completely understand your point. I have not asked this question to learn the trick. Actually, there is an ongoing court case. We just want to make sure that the court do not cancel the exam for 3rd time in a row. And for this to happen we need to know how the cheaters can be filtered out by analyzing the IP or online activity of the exam day. We have put 15 months of hardship in this exam and if it gets cancelled, we start back from the square one. So, please provide some arguments that we can put in front of the court to understand our point.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    This is basically a court case. Is there a lawyer for your case? Gather all evidences about tighten the system's securities/mechanisms & put in front of the Court. Explain them, while IT knowledge based lawyer/representative is more suitable. Of course signal jammer is a better choice and if you can arrange it, or already arranged, provide full details about that, this can be created winning situation. However, experienced person is required to face the case.
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