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My apologies in advance if I inadvertently sent this twice. I did some stuff over the weekend and now only Outlook XP clients can connect to Exchane 2K3. Outlook 2K3 clients are rejected and BlackBerry users that were always Outlook XP users can connect via BBerry but if they were always Outlook 2K3 users, then their BBerries won't connect either. Here's the (long) story: I am doing something not so supported by MS. I have an Exch 2K3 Ent server in one office. I am replicating my Exch data to a second office which is an off-site disaster recovery location to another Exch 2K3 Ent server. This is just a test that we setup. Both servers are running Win 2K3 Ent (no SP) and the Exch 2K3 has SP1 on both. I have a single-node (lone-wolf) cluster in my main office. It has the following let's say: (server name is server01. Cluster name is cluster01. VS name is exchvs01). I have the same setup in my off-site location (let's say server02, cluster02 but I use the SAME VS name exchvs01). It's just that my secondary server which is off-site has the Exch cluster services offline. I replicate Exch data using Veritas. In the event of a disaster (i.e. - bldg blows up), I can connect to my off-site server and turn on the Exch services using cluadmin. The server will come online and it will take over the VS name. All ppl would go home and connect via TS into the off-site location which has Outlook XP running on TS. There is also a test AD server there that is setup as a DC over there as well and it acts as the GC for that location. Replication of AD is working fine right now between the 2 locations. I did a test over the weekend where I cut off the link between my two locations. (I simply downed the interface on my Cisco router). I then brought up Exchange in the new location. Exch came online beautifully. I logged in thru TS to the off-site and ran Outlook no problems. I then shutdown the off-site Exch services, made sure my DNS reflected the correct IP address for the VS name and then brought the link between the two offices back up. I forced replication from primary AD servers to this test AD server and to be on the safe side, I forced the DNS to replicate to and overwrite the off-site one. I tested Outlook and everything was fine. HOWEVER, when I came back to the office today I noticed a few quirky problems. Mainly the problem is that Office 2003 Outlook clients cannot connect to the server. If we have them use Office XP Outlook, all is fine. When they try connecting via Outlook 2003, they are constantly asked to re-enter their password over and over. I restarted the workstation and same problem. I tried creating new MAPI profiles for the users and still same problem. They are constantly asked to enter the password over and over and Outlook 2003 will not launch. Moreover, if the users were originally on Outlook 2003 then their BlackBerries will NOT connect either. If the users were always on Outlook XP, their BlackBerries connect just fine. I see in my primary Exch server's App eventvwr the following every several minutes: The MAD Monitoring thread was unable to read its configuration from the DS, error '0x800706ba'. EVENT ID: 9098 and Source: MSExchange SA. I also see this repeating message in my APP log: Error initializing session for virtual machine EXCHVS01. The error number is 0x8004011d. Make sure Microsoft Exchange Store is running. EVENT ID: 8197. Source: MSExchangeFBPublish. I also see in my SYSTEM log the following repeated every several minutes: DCOM got error "General access denied error" from the computer EXCHVS01 when attempting to activate the server: {8BC3F05E-D86B-11D0-A075-00C0FB68820}. EVENT ID: 10006. SOURCE: DCOM. My stores are mounted and running. People (as long as they connect via Outlook XP) can connect without a problem. It's only Outlook 2003 people (whether they run it from their office PC's or run it over a VPN from home - haven't implemented RPC/HTPP yet) canNOT connect. Can someone shed some light? I tried looking up some Google searches as well as looking thru the MSKB but can't find anything that relates to my problem specifically. There are similar issues but not exactly mine. I am soooo screwed - PUH-LEEZE HELP! Thanks.

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Have you checked your authentication methods.
if you change the authentication of the outlook 2003 clients to ntlm authentication you may find that outlook comes up no problem.
run dcdiag /acv and check the errors there. it should begin to point you in th eright direction

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  • Jcan123
    I would go looking in AD. It seems to me that the spare Exchange server you brought online communicated with Active Directory and updated some objects. You'll probably find that some exchange-related AD objects are pointing to the "spare" server.
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  • Johncduffy
    Are you connecting with cache exchange mode? If so then try non-cache exchange mode.
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  • Spidey74
    Thanks for everyone's replies. The problem was that I was an idiot and did not take the correct steps I had to do in order to failover back from my standby to my active. For whatever reason, Outlook XP ppl didn't care - it was only the Outlook 2K3 ppl that couldn't re-connect. Weird...
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