I’m new to the 400 and green screens

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AS/400 administration
Systems Management
What is the most efficient / quickest way to learn as/400 system admin/mgmt from the ground up? I'm looking for a logical path where each step builds on the previous. I have a windows background and understand the basic system admin tenets. I started with MC Press Primer and IBM Redbooks.

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It seems like you need to attend “iSeries System Operator Workshop”.

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  • ToddN2000
    Trying to teach your elf will be a tough task. Have you looked into any classes? You may have to look at a specialty IT training facility as I am not sure what the colleges are offering these days.. You may want to start in an operations class to understand the the basics like profiles, device descriptions, file access, device/printer configurations.. It's a big undertaking.
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  • Anilpatel
    If you want to learn by your self first you need to have access to iseries server so that you can atleast view the commands and purpose of them. You can learn by visiting these web sites like texas400 and go4as400 but here admin part will be very less i have a e book you can email me if you want i can provide you that.

    Email id: Anilpatel3057@gmail.com
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  • sumguy

    I will look into classes and books as time and their training budget permits.

    I've got down the basics for the job, but have never worked with green screens and the technology is interesting and I got loads of time on my hands. 

    I appreciate your responses, but am stubborn enough to forge ahead on my own anyway.  I believe I am up for the challenge as my position is only a night operator.  I kick off some jobs and diagnose/resolve/report any errors.  What do I need to know to be a good operator?  I know about break messages, a little about spool files and wrkoutq, wrkactjob, but less about wrklnk.  The 400 is menu driven and there is help everywhere and we have a support contract with the vendor applications.  I can dig into the job logs for more info.  What else do I need to know to gain greater insight about the system, problem diagnosis, kick ass, and impress the boss. 

    Is it possible to learn how the data is processed?  Are all the programs in clear text?  What text editor do I use to view the source files to learn which programs are called? 

    I'm gonna dive back in tonight and see what I can learn.

    Thanks again for your insight.

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  • hunshabbir7
    There are lot of stuff from where you can learn. just download required Red Books from IBM related to AS400 administration or IBM documentation is also a great source of knowledge. This is a great forum I got many problems resolved here. There are also many sites which helps a lot.
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  • excellentrandy
    Self study is the best. Try to have your own test machine. Then configure and reconfigure for you to start it up. Search for the next step you will take. 
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  • Gaabkyleer
    simply ask shodow youre vendor support when there is a problem occur! and simply take down note and ask a question about how it will solve and what it cause??...
    thnen google it for indepth knowledge..
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  • excellentrandy
    Nice one 
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  • Rickmcd

    Go to a Command Line and hit F4

    You will see Major Comand Groups Pick 1 then F! and F2 through different Options

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  • aceofdelts
    Redbooks are good. Perhaps focus on the concepts of Library Lists and Logical Files.
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  • abhisheka1
    as we know you already know AS400, you wanna gain more in to it go for IBM site & red book it will surely help you ... thanks
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