Framed by false data in my personal histories.

Google Maps
Google Maps is creating a false history on my account and in so doing possibly ruining my relationship. It is showing in my history that I have been to locations that I haven't been to nor looked up. But these locations are places my boyfriend goes to. They are addresses of friends of his. I don't understand how this could happen. I have never been to these locations. How? Why? Help? I feel like I am being stalked and set up by a weird cyber presence. Please explain. In addition, there have been false records of searches in my Instagram account. Meaning, in Instagram on my search history there are searches showing that I never made! And it is of the same friend that I supposedly went to his house. I don't know this man or his last name or where he lives to this day. How can I prevent this false data from creating itself and how can I prove it's fakeness? I am the only person who has had access to my phone during the time this data appeared and I know I never typed these things in. Any ideas? I am freaking out. I feel like I am being cyberframed if that is a thing.

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IPhone 6, google maps, Instagram,

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It sounds like someone has figured out and used one of your passwords. Find this out is like getting the keys to your life for most people.They can do terrible things posing as you and it may be hard to prove otherwise.

If you use passwords with things like birthdays, 
anniversaries or other special significance they 
make it easier for people to crack. The same goes 
for the names of family members, pets, ex’s or the 
type of car you drive or favorite vacation spots. 

Too many people use these because they are easy to remember. 
The problem is if you post anything to social media on those 
dates or photos tagged with thet name it’s even easier to 
crack your password. You should be using a password of at 
least 8 to 10 characters and use mixed case, upper and lower 
and even use a few special characters. Each special char and 
extra char use in the password makes it exponentialy tougher 
to crack.

You should also never use the same password on multiple sites. 
If someone does get into an account, say your email, they can 
go to other site of yours and ask for a password reset. 

It then gets sent to that email address and they can change it 
and lock you out of you accounts or worse. It’s scary to think 
but it happens. It gets worse the more we use different 
social media accounts and expose personal information. 

If you feel you have been hacked, run some anti virus software.
Then change all of you password accounts.

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  • TheRealRaven
    Nobody can "explain" it to you except someone who might be doing it. Simplest methods are trivial and require no special training, e.g., stolen/discovered passwords

    Since you are unable to control your Google account activity, you should either disable/delete the account and stop using any of the features or learn to live with its problems until you study enough to control it.

    As long as someone else can gain access to the account (other than through flaws in the product), not even Google can do much about it.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    Have you changed your password of Instagram account? If not, first of all change passwords (if possible all social networking like FB/Messenger etc.including your email) of all with complex ones and check if that helps.
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  • Jaideep Khanduja
    Change your Google password immediately.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    You might consider reaching out to Google. Perhaps set yourself up with a new Google account. Resetting your phone may be in order as well. There's a lot of cybercraziness going on in the cybersphere so be careful out there!
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  • Subhendu Sen
    One more thing, resetting your device is probably a good choice, but keep in mind before resetting, must take your all backups (photo/files/folders etc.) and also detach the memory card (if any) and then go for reset. Or you can sync your device with related cloud service, if any.
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