Prevent myself from identity theft

Identity theft
How does one prevent themselves from becoming a victim of identity theft?

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The best way to prevent oneself from Identity Theft is through the use of VPN(most recommended) to safe your activities online from Hackers and snoopers

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  • Kevin Beaver
    Freeze your credit with each of the credit bureaus. It's simple and costs you next to nothing to manage.
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  • TheRealRaven
    In short, you don't. That is, you must be lucky, as the vast majority of people are. You can reduce the risk, but you cannot "prevent" it. Freezing your credit is probably the most powerful weapon you have in the current world (but control of that can even be taken).

    In addition to previously listed items:

    Don't send or use checks (drafts) anywhere you don't have a reliable history (and even that's not certain). If you don't already know the standard protection steps, don't be using computers for general browsing and entertainment on the internet. Don't post any personal info anywhere -- names, phone numbers, locations, addresses (including email address), important dates, work details, etc., none of those belong in forums or on Facebook or elsewhere.

    That is, don't make elements of your identity available for theft. If a couple elements are available together, it's often easy to obtain another element. And as each element is added, others become more accessible.
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  • ToddN2000
    I attended an hour long seminar on identity theft years ago and it was scary how easy it is to do. The lecturer just asked a few people for some "innocent info" like what is the first 3 digits of your social security number. He then could tell us what state we were born in. That's one piece, then he'd ask for another small thing like your school. That's 2. Now start piecing it all together and it's amazing what you can find in public records. Other tips were things like do not pay bills by mail from your home. Why? Someone just needs to see your flag up for out going main and look for a bill you may be paying. They take it and open it and now have your bank routing number and account number. They can put in back in your mail box and you are none the wiser but now have been compromised. I mail anything from the post office directly. Another level of safety, I generally use fake info if a site asks for it. I mean when you take a restaurant survey do they really need my birth date and if so is it worth the free burger you may get to lose your identity?
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