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Hello, What is the purpose of the iSeries Access for Windows' RUN THE SAME? It is found on the FILE drop down menu in iSeries Access for Windows. I have a user who opens session 1 by clicking as normal on the desktop icon. Then uses File-Run The Same to open session 2. Continuing to use File-Run The Same in session 2, receives an error that her user profile has been disabled. Which it has. Anyone know why? This has just started to happen this week. No changes have been made to the partition, nor to her PC. Previous to this week she was able to open the three sessions on our IBMi i5/OS v5r4 in this manner. Our iSeries Access for Windows is version 6.0. Thank you for your time. Tina

Software/Hardware used:
IBMi, i5/OS v5r4, iAccess v6.0,

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Run the Same is used to open a new session with the same setting as the current one.

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  • BigKat
    Run the same simply launches a new window emulator session based on the same emulator session setup as you are currently using Has the user changed their password recently, and the session setup to bypass sign-on?  Sometimes CA "remembers" the old password, and tries to apply it to bypass the sign-on which could cause failed sign-on attempts which will disable the profile.  you can manually flush this cached passwords from her PC.  See the section removing cached passwords in this article  Magical & Mysterious iSeries Access CWB Programs
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  • TomLiotta
    Our iSeries Access for Windows is version 6.0.   First, there is no version "6.0" of iSeries Access. You're probably looking at the version of Personal Communicator.   To see the iSeries Access version, navigate through Start-> Programs-> iSeries Access for Windows-> iSeries Access Properties. When the Properties window opens, the version/release and the Service Level can be seen. The two should be reported together.   'Run the same' is often used by sites with multiple servers. You can choose to run a session to a different server, or 'Run the same' to access the same server with the same session properties.   You might also have session definitions for a single server that have different properties. I often have a session window for my "normal" logon, and a second definition for a logon with a high-authority profile. The two definitions will have different color schemes so I can tell at a glance what capabilities are available to me in which session.   Anyone know why?   Your system knows why. Your system audit journal will have an entry logging the reason. Of course, you have to have the auditing enabled in order to have it logged. The QAUDJRN journal will be where the entries will be placed.   Tom
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