IBM i LAN console

iSeries V6R1
I was making a scratch install of my OS IBM i V6R1. The system console was an operations LAN console on a PC. During the initialization of the load source disk, the console (PC) fell down. Since then, I could not connect to the system and continue or restart my installation. I have used the control panel function 65 + 21 to set the console to Op Console but It didn't work. Could someone help please ? Thanks.

Software/Hardware used:
IBM Power 8203-E4A and OS IBM i V6R1

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Try rebooting from the A side to get your system back up. (you can usually re set the IPL options from the panel)

Pause and do some research. As someone said – reconfigure the device attachments.

Have an IBM Engineer’s phone number.

Try it again

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  • WoodEngineer
    About 10 days ago we moved our IBM i at which time we learned that if LAN console is configured the system will not properly IPL without the LAN console attached. Our IBM guy recommends at least two PCs configured as LAN consoles for redundancy. Wish I knew more to help you.
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  • Mbelle
    The Lan attached console is different than the Ops concole with the direct attached serial cable. If truly using the Lan (ethernet) console you can create a console to autoconfig to a PC if you have the DST parameter( allow console to auto create) set to do this. If you have the Ops console it is at end of life and you should chage to the Lan attached.
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  • NickHutcheson1
    I always kept a configuration of Lan console and Ops Console on my computer room pc(console). Lan of course connects through the network which has to be up and the IP handshack thing has to be set up. The Ops console was connected to a serial line straight to the iSeries. If the lan console got buggered or the network was down, I could continue with my iSeries operations/upgrades by turning off the Lan Console and starting the Ops Console. Just a back door to the system. I also had two I.T. manager type with the Lan console set up on their laptops as well as my own. Someone could get in!. The system does look for the serial card/console (ops) when walking the bus on IPL, if not found, it checks for configuraton of a Lan console. Can you plug a serial cable up and see if you can get a console on IPL? Of course at this point, that does not help you. I have documentation coming. I will forward when I get it. 1-800-IBM-SERV is always there.
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  • NickHutcheson1
    The notes were not really relevant. Just steeping through configuring al Lan console.
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  • Featured Member: WoodEngineer - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] IBM iLAN console [...]
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