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I am faced with a situation where my SYSREC file for a LOAD could potentially have duplicates. If there are dupes then I have a step that follows that analyses the SYSDISC file,so my DISCARDS is set to 0. If for whatever reason the utility blows up (ran out of space, whatever) and I choose to RESTART it I want it to skip processing those records in the SYSREC that were already inserted successfully. But in my testing I am finding that the utility clutters up my SYSDISC with the records that were inserted before the abend (which I don't want to process) in addition to the ones caused by there being duplicates to begin with (which i do want to process). Is there a way to force the utility to RESTART in such a way that it will start reading teh SYSREC only from the last commit? I tried UTILID='RESTART(CURRENT)'- no good. I have RESUME YES, SHRLEVEL CHANGE. Thanks a lot for your time

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I always believed that IBM utilities worked as a set of phases chained logically and that they, either completed the tasks(or phases) or not at all.

With this in mind LOAD’s SHRLEVEL CHANGE support somehow changed this concept in that it resembles me more a program issuing SQL INSERTs than a batch utility that inserts rows massively.

Stupid as this might sound. Have you tried with a differente DISP option for the SYSDISC DD defining a new dataset on the restarted job?

Just my humble hint.


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  • Sumithar
    Enrique Thanks for the reply. What you are saying is right, SHRLEVEL CHANGE does make it a sort of INSERT with COMMITs and such like so it is no longer an all or nothing deal like it was with phases. I am not sure I understand your suggestion vis-a-vis changing the discard dataset's disposition. How would that let the utility know where it left off in the SYSREC dataset? Regards
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  • Evaldez
    Hi Sumithar: I think that, at this stage, DB2 keeps an internal counter of records. If you are cautious enough to keep the originally DISCARDed records, I think you're good to go. Give it a try ! Regards. Enrique
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