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I need to know which are the elements to take care when somebody want to change the system name, on an i5 box in a network with multi platform... I don't know the others platform (MVS, Unix,...) but I suppose the refer to either the i5 name or IP adress... On the i5 I suppose too it's not a CHGNETA to do ? Thanks in advance...

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Hello Nicodmr

Yes, you are at the right starting point by looking network attributes, using the ‘CHGNETA’ command.

But also run ‘CFGTCP’ and check:
host table entries (option 10)
DNS entries (option 12)
TCP/IP applications (option 20) –> SMTP attributes (if you send mail)

Then, look at the relational database directory entry ‘WRKRDBDIRE’, to make sure this is correct.

Hope this helps you make a good start.


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  • Tpinky
    You should also remember if you do a system name change and are using BRMS, you need to make the change of name there also. If you use any of the Help System Products, Robot, you are required to do a name change within Robot also. You have to have your network person make the DNS change to associate the IP address with the DNS name. When you change the name on your iSeries, it does not take effect until you IPL the system. Hope this helps... TPinky
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  • graybeard52
    And be careful, as mentioned, changing the system name does NOT change the database name. Many types of extrenal calls to the iSeries need the database name instead of or in addition to the system name. Why do you want to change the name?
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  • Nicodmr
    Thanks for your answers !!! It's not me who want to change the system name. One of our client ask for that... My goal is to argue «Yes it's possible to do. But is it really necessary ? Maybe too much troubles just for comfort or 'political' views...». I just want to be sure to not forget something in my evaluation... Thanks to you all, Nic
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  • graybeard52
    If it just for "looks", an alternate that requires no system problems is to put an "alias" in the DNS. For example is your system name is S12345ZZ and has an IP of, you can simply add a record to your DNS with the "new" name pointing to the same address. ( HOMER). Now the cleint can connect to S12345ZZ or HOMER, and nothing on the system gets changed.
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  • JMT
    One thing that I have found when changing systems nameson the AS400 is to check the CFGDSTSRV if using QNSADS connections. All too easy to overlook then Wham! things stop working!
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