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Hello, The problem I expose here is about i5 I/O put disk performance. We have an i5 system (520)with disks unite type 4328 that have 140Gb capacity, we want to extend our storage capacity, for that purpose we purchase a drawer with disk type 4327 that have 70Gb.my question is: How would that new extension affect our system performance?? Tanks for all.

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In general the more disks (or more specifically the more disk arms) you have in a system, the better.


Martin Gilbert.

Yes, Martin is correct that the performance will only be better because of single level storage, the more access arms for the IBM i to spread the information across and retrieve the better the overall performance.

There is never a down side to adding more disk especially if you have put it in the same ASP as your other disk.

You could add it to the system for segregating say production from test libraries to be able to track the disk usage per ASP (Auxillary Storage Pool) or put the journal receivers in a spearate ASP but the additional work to keep the files and programs where you want them is a lot more hands on managing. Best to leave them all in the same ASP for performance reasons.


Both the answers above are correct but you might also like to consider which type of disk IOP you run the disks under. The newer ones have bigger cache and this can make a difference to performance. Also, 70Gb disks can provide better performance than the 140Gb ones as both disks have the same number of arms but obviously the 70Gb’s have to retrieve less data.

Hope this helps,

Gordon Ross

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    Hi, Thanks for reply, now I want to know if the mixing of tow types of disk drives(4328 with 140Gb and 4327 with 70Gb) would affect our system perfrmance; of course they would be placed in a separate towers. Kazawi
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  • Gilly400
    Hi, In my experience, difference in disks don't make too much difference - especially with the newer disks. If you've got a lot of old 4Gb disks things tend to get tricky. Regards, Martin Gilbert.
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    Hi, Thanks a lot best regards Zakaria NAJHi
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