What IT jobs suit me?

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IT jobs
I am pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology but I don't like programming. Can you give me some ideas of jobs that would suite me?

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you can go for a job where application testing is done for which either you can get a job as fresher or you can get training on that..check if you find job for a software testing..

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  • hunshabbir7
    You can go towards System side. Like System Administration whose job is to keep systems up, properly integrated and configured. You can also go to Network side.
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  • mark6v6
    You should decide which directions are most likely to u. Maybe web-designer / game-designer suits you? Wish u good luck and the right choice !
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  • Harisheldon
    There are plenty of jobs in the IT field.  Information Assurance, System Administration, Network Administration, Project Management, and that is just some of them.  If have to find the area where you really like and want to pursue.  Good luck.
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  • ToddN2000
    With everything that has been going on, network security would be a good choice. Most other areas still involve some level of programming.
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  • reesey
    I would say look into Project Management or becoming a Business Analyst. Sometimes the job does not require too much hands-on coding but an understanding of the technology. 
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  • ToddN2000
    If you tell us why you chose to get a BA in information technology it might help us point you in a few directions that go with your reason for choosing this career path.
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  • ncberns
    The answers here have been solid; none of them will point you in the wrong direction. Which you follow will depend, I suppose, on what you want out of your career, now that you know programming ain’t it.

    One that didn’t get mentioned is project management. It can represent a pretty big leap and will move you in a slightly different direction but it can be an amazing career. And your knowledge of IT will be a huge help moving forward, both crew and client facing.

    First off, sorry, you’ll need more training for project management certification. There’s so much information online, it’s not worth repeating it all here. Google something relatively generic like “IT Project Management Certification” and you’ll come up with an outlandish number of entries.

    Fortunately, you’ll have already acquired a lot of the basic knowhow. And the job is definitely a nice move into a management level role.
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  • AndreaF
    What suits you will always be open to your particular likes/dislikes and interests....something that nobody anonymous will likely be able to really help you with. I would aim for finding a strong interest of yours, and look for an intersection where it meets with technology. For example, if you really enjoy sports, you could look for IT jobs in the Sports Industry.That would be a good place to start focussing - good luck!
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