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On my new Vista workstation, I have a configured an I series(V5R3) printer session for my HP CP1200 series printer. I can send spool files to the printer, but it comes out with small fonts. I have tried changing fonts but it always prints in the same fonts. I had this problem on XP, but i was able change the fonts using the emulator setup. Can anyone help?

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Vista, I series V5R3

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First you should upgrade to a supported iSeries Access version:

Windows Vista
32-bit and 64-bit editions Vista Home Premium and Home Basic editions are not supported. The other editions are supported with:

V6R1M0 (5761-XE1 System i Access for Windows)
V5R4M0 (5722-XE1 iSeries Access for Windows) with service pack PTF SI25949 or later
PC5250 requires SI27741 or later

Next check to see if you missed anything in the Printer Session Setup:

PC Connected Printers – Parallel/Serial/USB

Use an iSeries Access Printer session.
Parallel and Serial usually work just fine. USB does not tend to work as well.
The printer session will automatically create a Print Device and an OUTQ on the system.
Only one session is needed per printer. As long as the session is active others can print there too by sending spool files to the device or OUTQ.
Can have multiple printer sessions on a PC. One for each printer.
Session must be active for printing to work.

iSeries Access must be installed on the PC first in order to create a printer session.
Choosing a full installation will ensure you load the software to allow a print session.
Installing iSeries Access onto the PC from the system will ensure the client and server versions will be at the same level. The installation path looks like this.
Replace “systemname” with your system name or IP address in the path above to install.

After iSeries Access is installed configure the printer session.
In Windows Click Start/Programs/IBM iSeries Access for Windows/Emulator/Start or Configure Session. Click New Session.
Leave Specify workstation ID selected and type in a name for the printer in the field below. Select Printer and click the Setup button.
Select Transform Print data to ASCII on iSeries.
Select the Printer make and model from the drop down box.
Use this link if your make and model is not shown: MFRTYPMDL
If you don’t see the exact make and model you’ll have to try ones that sound like they might work for your printer.
Click OK/OK and your session should start.
On the new printer session click File/Printer Setup and select you Windows printer driver. Click OK.
On the new printer session click File/Save and save it with the same name you used for “Specify workstation ID” field.
Copy the new icon to your startup folder and the printer session will start whenever you boot the PC. Also make a copy of the icon to the desktop for quick access.

Now you can direct spool files to the new device or OUTQ


Hi Svocal,

If you created the printer as a LAN printer this is what you should change in your description (CHGDEVPRT):

WSCST = HP4 (check on your system in which library it is)

Check this out, it might work right for you!

Good luck!


Thxs to Voodoo & 4819 for there help. I was able to resolve the issue. You guys are awesome..THXS!!!

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  • Svocal
    Thxs to users 4819 & Voodoovw for their help. I was able to get it to work. You guys are awesome!!! Stephen
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