I need to Install a .Reg file into registry SILENTLY

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Hi Folks I need to Install a .Reg file into registry silently! On a question I posted here a month ago, I asked about preventing the dreaded "Desktop Recovery" appearing for no reason after a re-start OR cold boot. Because of the answer I got here on this site, I was able to track it down to a couple of commands in the registry. I corrected it and that was sorted - or so I thought! As it turned out, it still happens, so what I want to do is to merge the correct settings from a .Reg file at the boot stage either via a .Bat file OR by shortcut in "Start-Up" - whichever is best. 

The trouble is, as you will all know - activating a ".Reg" file then produces the confirmation request dialogue box - followed by the job completion dialogue box. I want this stage to be silent! Is there a command line way like a "/Q" for quiet or something of that nature. It's been a while since I worked in DOS (I used to LOVE working in DOS - many years ago ) and I'm not up to date on the commands available. Do I need to use the Cmdow.exe program to hide it & if so how? My guess on the cause is that a GUI software is writing to the registry at some point - changing : 

"DeskHtmlVersion"=dword:00000000 "DeskHtmlMinorVersion"=dword:00000000


"DeskHtmlVersion"=dword:00000110 "DeskHtmlMinorVersion"=dword:00000110

and it's that 110 command that is causing all the trouble! When the value is 0, the desktop is fine, but at 110, it defaults to the "Desktop Recovery" screen! I can set the value to 0 & it will stay the same for several re-boots and then with no intervention - for no reason - it changes itself to 110!!!! AAAHHHHHH!!!! I had also thought of deleting the "Desktop Recovery" file and re-naming the chosen wallpaper instead but I can't remember the name of the Desktop Recovery file. 

Thanks for your time - your ideas and suggestions on this would be gratefully received. Cheers for now. 

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regedit.exe [options] [filename] [regpath]

<b>e.g.</b> <b>REGEDIT /s [regpath][filename.reg]</b>
<b>or regedit /s C:\test.reg</b>

Import .reg file into the registry

/s [filename]
Silent import, i.e. hide confirmation box when importing files

/e [filename] [regpath]
Export the registry to [filename] starting at [regpath] e.g. regedit /e file.reg HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT

Specify the location of the system.dat to use

Specify the location of the user.dat to use

/C [filename]

/D [regpath]
Delete the specified key

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  • MacsPC
    Hi PCJunkie :o) Thanks for Ur answer - that looks like EXACTLY what I was after !!!! I knew there had to be a way to do it BUT althought I DO USE REGEDT32 - I don't know ALL of it's commands :o( U may well hve saved me & my mate A MASSIVE HEADACHE !!! I just wish I knew what is setting the desktop to 110 from 0 all the time. I've never encountered this problem before & that PC is running all the same software as is on MY machines & they're all fine !!! Thanks again :o) - M!ke - (M@CS-PC)
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  • PCJunkie
    This really sounds like you have some sort of spyware infection on the PC. What sort of protection do you have installed on the PC?
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  • MacsPC
    Hello again - I've put on NOD32 Anti Virus & COMODO Internet Security - BOTH are quite tight ! I'm also running SysTweak's "ADVANCED SYSTEM PROTECTION" which is a malware / apyware etc. detector / eliminator" Downloaded FREE from Givaway Of The Day . com a few weeks ago ! I've actually written a small Batch file which incorporates Ur command line instruction into it that runs at Boot-Up so it automatically runs the reset every time the machine is re-started - it works a treat !!! My guess is that because I'm running the VISTA GUI upgrades like : LClock Styler True Transparnncy UberIcon ViOrb ViStart Thjoose SideBar Visual Task-Tips & WinFlip I recon one of them may be conflicting with another since they all have different authors & so probably use differing techniques etc. I know when WinFlip start - it takes a "Snap-Shot" of the desktop & all running programs etc. so when activated by mouse etc - it scrolls through them - the same as the Vista scroll ! Basically - all of the above proggys give XP PRO all the looks that make Vista great without all of the issues that make Vista CR&P !!! Since the only drawback is the Desktop recovery & U have dealt with that - I'm more than happy to continue running them all !!! Further more - since this only happens on 2 machines out of ALL the machines I've installed them on - I WHOLEY RECOMMEND U TRY THEM ( if U don't already ) Thanks again for Ur help !!! Cheers for now ... - M!ke -
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