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I use a pair of HP Procurve 2824 and a pair of 2650 switches and I think I want them to pass all data through without filtering. I also need to make my Windows 2000 Server share a wider range of IP addresses, since I've depleted my entire supply. The Server is currently via DHCP is giving out 192.168.101 addresses and assigning fixed addresses as well. I want to push out additional 192.168.102 and 192.168.103 addresses. I currently use sn mask. I think I need to chg to So, if this is correct, If I change to on my Server I will then have to run around like a crazy person changing all the fixed IP addressed machine's sn masks, right? If I get my Server to use on it's second NIC, once I open up the switches to route all traffic, can't I be a bit more relaxed on the rollout as won't the applications be available via the second card? I want DHCP to begin giving out 192.168.102.xx addresses for those who are not fixed IP and again, I believe this will require the Does this make sense?

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The first thing to do is to record all the fixed IP addresses and the MAC addresses of each device. You can configure reservations for these devices so they can have the same fixed IP address. You don’t necessarily have to change the subnet mask, you just need to have a layer 3 (router) device to route traffic between the /24 subnets. By having all an address on all 3 subnets on the same NIC on the server, you can easily route between subnets. Or, implement another device that can have 3 addresses, one on each subnet and can route between the networks.


You will also need to adjust your DHCP server settings so that it can not only make reservations if needed, but to change your address range that it’s dishing out.

You can keep the subnet the same, and just increase your address range to lease – through – or – through –

Great idea from the other guy to document your stations MAC and IP addresses, that could be very useful in these tasks, troubleshooting, and future expansion.

Hope that helps

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