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Hi, I have windows 2003 Server. C Drive disk space very low but D drive 250GB free. I want resize the partition. Pleas help me on this problem

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There are many partition resizing tools, but there is no free for Servers.
It is easy to resize partitions. You just need to shrink your partition D and then extend the C drive. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/323442

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  • BrentSheets
    I'm not positive but I don't think that Partition Magic supports resizing an OS partition on Windows Server 2003. The community gurus can weigh in and confirm -- or suggest alternatives that will do this.
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  • Jerry Lees
    Sorry, Partition magic does not support Windows 2003. However, as Buddyfarr stated Acronis has a great tool for this type of task. The tool is Acronis Disk Director... you could also do it with acronis true Image, but it will require backing up the drive and then erasing it to redeploy the backup on it-- not something for the faint of heart to take on. ;) Another I found, but have not used myself, is Pargon Partition manager If either of these are out of your budget you could always uninstall some programs and re-install them onto your D: drive, or move your swap file to the D: drive instead of C:. (Keep in mind when you do this you won't be able to get a memory dump when it blue screens-- but that generally isn't needed unless it happens a lot.
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  • Cloudy123
    Yeah,Partition magic does not support Windows 2003 and it can not be updated for a period of time;hence you should have a try of other partition tools to help you. I have used EASEUS Partition Manager for a period of time.It is cheap and easy for me. You can download a demo to have a try:http://www.easeus.com/download.htm.Please share your feeling with me after you usage:)Hope it can help you:)
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  • Richlich
    Acronis Disk Director Server 10.0 will do this, and more.
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  • CosmoC
    As of today, Partition Magic still cannot be run on a Server OS. :-( Acronis Disk Director Server 10.0 is the way to go. It's not cheap ($500), but it's well worth the money. Make sure you purchase the Server version, they have a Home version (~$50) available as well but will not run on Server OS.
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  • Qiang
    Partition Magic doesn't support Windows Server, you may try diskpart or third party partition software, see this page of Partition Magic Server 2003.
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  • saturno
    Hi everyone, I've been using GParted for several years now, for all my partition resizing needs. It supports all major file systems, hardware and OS'es. It works flawlessly with all RAID arrays that I've putted it into. The best of all is that it is FREE. Just download and burn the LiveCD and give it a go HTH
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  • Epsonab
    hi, server 2003 built-in disk management snap just cannot resize c drive if no contigous free space is there, you can see there are many limits to use it. try third party partition tool, you can refer to http://partition-magic-free.com/windows-server-2003/extend-c-drive-windows-sever-2003-with-partition-magic-free.html hope it is helpful
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  • 4FUN
    Partition Magic has no server version, and no server edition works for it. Use diskpart.exe utility to extend partition in server 2003.
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  • Stone
    You can use use Partition Assistant Server Free Edition to do this work. It is totally free and safe.
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  • Parition

    Resize your C drive in order to extend the capacity by shrinking D drive.  The capacity of the existing parition can be changed by using Resize partition.You can enlarge or leesen the space of one partiton at random by cut or add space from or for it.
    For instance:we are going to add 200 more hundred GB to C drive form D drive.

    Step 1: pitch on the D drive and choose “Resize Partition”.

    Step 2: lenssen 200GB from E drive by left/right drag the “double-headed arrow” and we will get a 200GB’s unallocated space after D drive.

    Step 3Put the Unallocated space directly after C drive by moving the D drive to the end. First rigt click D drive and choose move partition, then drag E to the right at the popped-out window.
    Step 4: As a result of step 3, you will get a the 200GB’s unallocated space directly after C drive. Add the 200GB to the C drive by select “Rsize partition” at C drive, and dragging the “double-headed arrow” to the right.
    Finally,you will get this,200GB has been added to C drive From E drive.(don’t forget to aplly it). From that time your computer will get a better working condition ever.

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