Call a stored procedure on a SQL Server from my RPGLE source using JDBCR4 service program.

SQL Server
Stored Procedures
Something is going wrong while setting up the connection environment (ZBCCNNPF). Can someone explain me which parameters have to be set in which way to make this process work? Kind regards, Ton Konings.

Software/Hardware used:
ISeries - SQL-Server

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  • ToddN2000
    Can you post what you have tried so we can take a look?
    Other wise we would be guessing.
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  • TonKonings1962

    Hi Todd,

    The process is started with a CL

    ADDENVVAR  ENVVAR(CLASSPATH) +                        
                 VALUE('/jdbc/sqljdbc.jar:.') REPLACE(*YES)
    CALL       PGM(ZBC204)                                
    ***** End of data *************************************


    The SQLRPGLE is as follows

    H DFTACTGRP(*NO) BNDDIR('JDBC')                             
     * Description of Files                                     
    Fzprocl1   if   e           k disk                          
    Fzbccnnl2  if   e           k disk                                 
     /copy jdbc_h                                                      
    D qcmdexc         PR                  Extpgm('QCMDEXC')            
    D                             3000a   const options(*varsize)      
    D                               15  5 const                        
    D                                3a   const options(*nopass)       
    D conn            s                   like(Connection)             
    D Record          s           1024A                                
    D ErrMsg          s             50A                                
    D rs              s                   like(ResultSet)              
    dprgsds          sds                                               
    d User                  254    263                                 
    DTimeStamp        S               Z                                
    c     Ky_zprocl1    klist                                         
    c                   kfld                    prcprg                
    c                   kfld                    prcust                
    c     Ky_zbccnnl2   klist                                         
    c                   kfld                    bccprg                
    c                   kfld                    bcenv                 
    C                   Time                    TimeStamp             
    c                   eval      prcprg='*KYO-SQL2'                  
    c                   eval      prcust=*blanks                      
    c     Ky_zprocl1    chain     zprocr                              
    c                   if        %found(zprocl1)                     
    c                   eval      bccprg=prcprg                       
    c                   eval      bcenv=prenvi                        
    c     Ky_zbccnnl2   chain     zbccnnr                             
    c                   endif                                           
        conn = MSSQL_Connect(%trim(bchost)+':'+%trim(%char(bcport))     
                           : %trim(bcrpth)                              
                           : %trim(bcuser)                              
                           : %trim(bcpass) );                           
        if (conn = *NULL);                                              
      // Execute Stored Procedure                                       
    C/EXEC SQL                                                          
    C+ Call sp_IMPORT_CUSTOMER                                          
        eval *inlr = *on;                                           
    ****************** End of data **********************************

    The stored procedure is on the SQL server. When running the message 'virtual machine is starting'  appears, and also 'connecting to database'. The Job ends and in the Joblog we see:SP_IMPORT_CUSTOMER in *LIBL type *N not found.

    Do you have any idea what is going wrong?

    Kind regards,


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  • danieljones
    check out this link maybe it will help you out:  
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