I lose my VPN Wireless connection if my wife logs onto the internet with her laptop

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Hi, hope you can help. I log into work from home via VPN. This is never an issue if nobody at home is on the same Wireless network. However, if I am working via VPN wireless, and my wife logs on to the internet with her laptop (not via VPN) then I lose my VPN connection. Similarly, if my wife is already on the internet with her laptop, and I try and make a VPN connection on mine, I cannot. The Wireless network was configured on my wifes laptop, my works laptop then picks this network up. Any ideas ? Would be very much appreciated, thanks in advance for your time.

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Well, first off, when you drop your VPN connection, do you lose all internet connection? Or is it that the VPN connection is unavailable? It would almost appear that there is something going on in the VPN client config or in the Router config. If all your losing is the VPN I would check those first, if you lose everything it would most likely be in the router config. Check those and see what you can get.

Check your IP address settings on the WLAN interface on both devices. Be sure that the addresses are not the same. It sounds like a duplicate address issue.

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  • Robert Stewart
    Is your Internet Service Provider a Cable company??, In other words are you using a Cable modem for your internet connection? If so most cable modems default to assign only one ip to an account, meaning you can only have 1 pc connected to the internet or ISP at a time. Furthermore on cable modems, most are directly tied to a specific mac address for the pc, meaning once a pc or laptop has connected to that modem it will be the only pc or laptop allowed to connect the internet. If this is not the case, there maybe an issue with the VPN, what type of VPN is it? Was it setup in XP? I hope this helps you out, if it is a cable modem I would call the cable company and explain what you are trying to do and how you want to connect. They should be able to help you.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    I've experienced this before as well...VERY frustrating. I can't remember exactly what fixed it but it was either changing wireless cards, updating my wireless drivers, or switching from WEP to WPA or vice-versa.
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