I just narrowly avoided getting scammed (corrupted files)

Corrupt Database
Remote access
I got a phone call from people impersonating some kind of tech support company. I was redirected to http://www.ammyy.com where I downloaded an .exe file which granted them remote control of my computer, and they then proceeded to use said program to run a scan for viruses, spyware and corrupt files. it was only when they started asking for money that I realised it was a scam. After a brief exchange of insults the phone call ended. If the scanning software (which was removed by the scammers) is to be believed, my computer contains a large number of corrupted files. I would like to know A) what is a good way to deal with these files and B) if there is a risk my system has been infiltrated on a more permanent level by these scammers and if so what can be done to combat this problem. Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Software/Hardware used:
Firefox, Windows XP

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  • BigKat
    At BEST case, you were dealing with a "company" that wanted to SCARE you into paying them to fix a non-existent problem. At WORST case, you're files were read and your PC has been turned into a Zombie Bot full of malware waiting to send your important information to them and/or accept commands from them to be used in hacking operations You need to run LEGITIMATE anti-malware and anti-virus software to make sure your PC is still only yours
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  • Zyklqrswx
    I suspected as such. That being the case, I think the next thing to ask is: what software would you recommend? For reference, I currently have AVG Anti Virus Free and PC Tools Spyware Doctor, as well as ZoneAlarm Security Scanner. Spending money on new software is not really an option here, so I'm looking for free things.
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  • TomLiotta
    Spending money on new software is not really an option here, so I’m looking for free things. Assuming that you keep your products up to date, you seem to be running products that are about as good as they get for free. Of course, if you ran a downloaded program and you responded with 'Allow' for any notifications from AVG, ZoneAlarm, etc., then there's no telling what you might have given permission to do on your system. Tom
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  • Koohiisan
    I usually install and run MalwareBytes for about three passes, cleaning up nasties each time. I only stop when it comes back with no malware found twice. But, as mentioned, you already have decent software protection, assuming that it is up-to-date and has not already been told to 'ignore' any potential malware. I would treat that computer as an untrusted system until you can consistently test clean for viruses and malware. Be cautious about using shared USB drives on that system as well as networking it with other PCs as well.
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  • petkoa
    I'd not use this PC in its current configuration. I'd transfer data files to external storage and would scan them thoroughly on a clean system (here is the place where money could be spent wisely...) About the compromised system: boot from some LiveCD, wipe, fdisk, format, reinstall the system, transfer back scanned data - nothing less will make sense after what had happened. No need to say this shouldn't happen at all - but anyway, I'd say it again: if somebody calls and asks to go to a specific place and leave there the keys of your house/apartment, should you go there at all?
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