I have some problem sending and receiving email in my ISA Server 2000 for certain users.

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Hai all I have some problem sending and receiving email in my ISA Server 2000 for certain users. The following are the details about my network. Windows 2000 server domain controller with active directory 150 clients they are using windows 2000 professional with static IP address. Now installed ISA server installed as a integrated mode. My problem is I cant send and receive emails for only some users. I created four rules. First rule I created for email users only to allowed them POP3 and SMTP protocols. For these users its working fine. Next rule for internet users for them I created rule and its working fine. The problem is now some users I am giving only one website. Let say yahoo and my company websites only. I created two rules. One is allow only for these sites and another rule deny except these website. This case browsing is working fine. But am not able to send and receive emails. I have a domain in ISP am using POP3 and SMTP through Microsoft Outlook. When I checked test account (from the Microsoft outlook tools emails) am getting establish network connection, find out going mail server (SMTP), find incoming mail server (POP3) these are working fine next one is Log on incoming mail server POP3 can not find this one, this is failed. Any body can help on this.??????

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Just a guess without seeing the ACL. You are allowing those users access to a single site and denying everything else. They must also be allowed to use the email. If you say allow yahoo and then deny everything else this will include all email ports.

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  • Whiskeyjar1975
    Yes, it sounds like the ports for e-mail may be blocked...another idea...are you running an internal DNS server? Can the clients that cannot send/receive e-mail successfully ping the mail server, by FQDN or by IP? Could be DNS configuration problem?
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  • Peanuht
    My first step would be to Ping the IP for the pop3 and smtp servers. If you get an active reply, then try and log on to the server using the IP. If this works it is a DNS or could be an issue with your Firewall rules. One thing I have found is many times admins make rules that over lap each other in the firewall, this can cause many conflix... while the "Rule of the least.." is great try not to over do it.
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  • Management
    Hi All, Here is my problem. This is my POP3 mail server address. mail-gsh-sa.com this is the only HTTP site user is allowed to surf www.yahoo.com, and my domain also. This is what I did. 1. Created a Protocol rule allowing all IP traffic. 2. Created a destination set with the above mentioned two sites. 3. Created a site and content ALLOW rule allowing the user to access these two sites only. 3. Created a site and content DENY rule to deny all external sites except the destination set I mentioned above. This works fine with me. Users can check mails through IE and surf only one web site. Here is my problem: When I configure outlook 2000 to use my POP3 mail server mentioned above and send a test message, Outlook 2000 shows an error message "Unable to Log into POP3 account". Hope I made it clear. My core problem is using Outlook to download POP3 mails, users can access the mail server through IE, but not through Outlook. ***. My DNS forwaders and everything fine its working. Ihave another one group which they have all sites acces they can send and recieve mails without any problems, which means i have no problem in my DNS. I think somewhre its blocking the ports .... where can i find that ????? Any Solution
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  • Guardian
    Well your problem can relate to other things.But i once noticed it when i installed SBS 2000 (with SP4).Everthing was fine but mail wasn't going through,later i reinstalled ISA ,so the other guys have a point on checking you firewall settings. Regards Newton
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  • Hfchik
    Smtp port using 110 and POP using 25. You can try using ping and tenlet command to check these ports are function or not.
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