I have a project involving an DS400 SAN connected to 2 Intel Servers IBM345 running Windows Server2003

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Can both servers connect to the SAN at the same time? Can both access the SAN at the same time? If not, what else do I need to make both share the volume on the SAN? If both servers are connected, when one fails the other take charge without restarting it? Is it as simple as detaching and attaching the server? What needs to be done for this to work with Window 2003 Standard?

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Did you choose network attached or server attached setup?
If network – yes, both or either. If server connect configuration was used then you have to switch controllers and that requires a restart – I think? I have only worked with one and it is network attached.

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  • Dcsys99
    If you are sharing the "LUNs" (logical disk) and data - which it sounds like you are trying to do - you are building a traditional cluster. You will need W2K3 Enterprise Edition for this. See http://support.microsoft.com/kb/278007 for more info. There are third party products that may work on W2K3 Standard, but the cost will probably justify W2K3EE. You will need to set up one LUN as a quorum drive. This can be relatively small. 1-2 Gb is fine. This is used as a traffic cop and assists in managing reads and writes. After that, the data LUNs may be created to any size that is supported by the OS. For more info, go to http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=winsvr2003clusthowto
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  • Ltimothy
    Yes, you can attach two servers to the SAN. You cannot, however, just have two servers online with access the same LUN, i.e. SAN based volume, without some kind of clustering software. The operating systems need to think they have full control over the disk resource they thimk is local. I am guessing you have a DS 4000, not 400. If it is similar to the DS 4400 (FastT700), then what you need to do is configure LUN Masking and clustering. YOu can read up on it with the DS 4000 documentation. Lun masking allows you to create a group of servers and grant them access to whatever LUNs you create. If you want redundancy, then you should grant access to the same LUN to both servers and install install clustering, now bundled with 2003 Server. The clustering software will control access to the LUNs and allow you to failover automatically in the event of a failure and maunally for patching and other maintenance.
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