Hyperlink functionality on AS 400 Green Screen

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I need to have "hyperlink" functionality on an AS 400 Green Screen. Is there anyway to do this. Is there any DDS keywords.

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I’m not clear on what you need. If you expect an iSeries program to cause a remote PC to run a PC program, then you can run a STRPCCMD command through a compatible telnet emulator session (e.g., iSeries Access PComm). If the telnet emulator isn’t compatible, then you might be able to use RUNRMTCMD to send a PC (Windows? Linux? Mac?) command to the remote PC.

Either way you’ll need to know the command language of the remote PC. You might need to install a facility such as a rexec server to configure and allow incoming remote commands. (iSeries Access supplies one.)

However, if you simply want to display an URL on a green-screen so the user can click on it, all you need is an emulator that recognizes URLs and can react to them. (iSeries Access PComm does this.)

You can test simply by typing some URL on a green-screen command line and double-clicking on it yourself.


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  • bigT
    Thanks Tom, Actually what was requested was to have a "hyperlink functionality" on a As/400 green screen. I need the ability to be able to click a field on a as/400 green screen and execute some type of logic. I'm not sure if this is even possible. I didn't know if there was any keywords in DDS that would allow this or a BIF. The only way that I know of to try and create something like "hyperlink functionality" is by position the cursor on the screen and then take a command key.
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  • TomLiotta
    Ah! So you're simply looking for something like mouse-click enablement? E.g., click on the EmployeeNumber field in a display file and perhaps a pop-up window format is displayed that shows the Employee Details window? Something like that? If not, can you provide a specific "use case"? Mouse enablement has been around for quite a few years. Tom
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  • Stiloabarthian
    There is a mouse button keyword in DDS - MOUBTN. You can specify which button, single or double click. Check out the DDS Reference for Display Files.
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  • bigT
    Thank Stiloabarthian, This is the keyword I was looking for. I'm all set.
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