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I have the same or similar symptoms as a previous post, but the solution does not solve the problem: We've i5 515 Machine with V5R4M0. After applying the HTTP Latese (cumulative) PTF's, I'm able to have the Main "i5/OS Tasks" page. But when I click on "IBM Web Administration for i5/OS", "Internal Server Error " page appear. Will anyone please guide me what else PTF should I applied? The posted reply was: When I looked at the joblog for the user that started it (QTMHHTTP), it failed because the user profile did not have the required authority to the object (QLWISVR). I changed the object to include QTMHHTTP user with *USE authority and started up the HTTP server *ADMIN instance again. This job now runs and the ADMIN page is now displayed correctly. I hope this cures your problem. Richard Mansell. Unfortunately, Richard's approach does not solve the issue in our case. There is no entry message in the job log indicating an authority issue and the authorities are already set. In our case the problem emerged after we installed Options 7 and 8 which are required for some of the web services. We're current on PTF's. I've seen recommendations for working with a default properties file that does not exist on our server, and IBM wants be to use the Web Administration Interface to find the configuration problem, which is pretty funny since that's the interface that won't start (we now call it the Trojan Rabbit). I can try uninstalling and reinstalling the HTTP Server Option...if I do so, do I need to reload all the ptf'S for that option, or will they stay on the system and I just need to re-apply them? And is there another better way, or a specvial PTF out there that fixes this?

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OK I’m answering my own question (with esxcellent assistance from Darren Anderson at CPS Solutions) in the hopes it helps someone else.

If Error 500 appears on selection of the Web Administration for i5OS tab in the browser and the QLWISVR jobs are dying, and if 5722JV1 Options 7 & 8 were installed, but at a different time than 5722DG1 (and all PTF’s applied), THEN

Go back and reapply ALL group PTF’s for *ALL products. It appears there are interdependencies in the applications and PTF’s that require everything to be in place at the appropriate time when the PTF’s run. Having 5722DG1 installed and patched and then installing and patching Options 7 and 8 for 5722JV1 was not sufficient in my case. It required reloading and reapplying all of the group PTF’s at once. After reloading and reapplying the group level PTF’s, the ADMIN2 QLWISVR job fires right up and Web Administration seems to work just fine.

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  • TomLiotta
    If a cume or group PTF package is applied, and then a new product or an additional product option is later added to the system, the cume and possibly associated group PTF packages need to be reapplied. The system will select individual PTFs from the package for any new elements that need them. The system doesn't apply PTFs from packages if the product or product option isn't installed. There's no place for those PTFs to go until after the product/option is installed. Tom
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