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HI, we have quite a few of HP HP4730MFP color laserjet printers, but we print a specific data(iSeries data stream) which makes the printer crashes . Not sure if it the reason is the iSeries data not being compatible . The WSCST we have set as HP8000R as for all other printers and the Manufacture model and type is set to *HPCOLORLJ.The System driver program is set as*HPPJLDRV . Yet we have tried everything and it just crashes.Would be of great help if someone could help us out here

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Spool files that require *IPDS features will not print on most 3rd party printers.
It should print “simple” spool files.

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  • harisudhan21
    So, literally this printing is not possible?
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  • r.otto
    Does this printer to be *IPDS capable? If so, 1st check the printer specs to see if the printer is *IPDS capable. It is not you will not be able to print *IPDS printer files on this printer. If it is capable you not only need a printer definition, you also need a PSFCFG definition. And to be able to make a PSGCFG definition you need a licence for PSF/400. Once you have a licence you may need definitions similar to these:
                                 RLSTMR(*SEC15) +
                                 TEXT('*IPDS Netwerk printer ')
                                 DEVCLS(*LAN) +
                                 TYPE(*IPDS) +
                                 MODEL(0) +
                                 LANATTACH(*IP) +
                                 AFP(*YES) +
                                 PORT(9100) +
                                 ONLINE(*YES) +
                                 FONT(011 *NONE) +
                                 FORMFEED(*CONT) +
                                 SEPDRAWER(*FILE) +
                                 PRTERRMSG(*INQ) +
                                 MSGQ(*CTLD) +
                                 ACTTMR(170) +
                                 IMGCFG(*NONE) +
                                 MAXPNDRQS(6) +
                                 PRTCVT(*YES) +
                                 PRTRQSTMR(*NOMAX) +
                                 FORMDF(*LIBL/F1C10110) +
                                 CHRID(697 500) +
                                 RMTLOCNAME(&IPADR) +
                                 USRDFNOBJ(QUSRSYS/&PRT *PSFCFG) +
                                 PUBLISHINF(*SIMPLEX *COLOR *UNKNOWN +
                                 *UNKNOWN 'Your Location' *UNKNOWN) +
                                 TEXT('*LAN *IPDS printer ') +
    Where &PRT is your printer name and &IPADR is the IP address of the printer. Pay attention to the CHRID parameter in the CRTDEVPRT command. These settings should be the same as the hardware setup for the printer. hth. Rudolf
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  • WoodEngineer
    We print to a variety of printers - ink jet, laser, OkiData dot matrix. We've had our best success by just using an output queue description and no device description. Its a little simpler setup and has proven to be very reliable.
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  • Koohiisan
    Yeah, verify whether you need the *IPDS stuff or not. We do a lot of AFPDS-type printing to HP LaserJets and have no issues with that type of data stream.
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  • harisudhan21
    Thanks for the reply, no its not a IPDS printer. We actually print to two printers one being the HP4730mfp and the other is a IBM one. INFOPRINT2105. So if its not a IPDS, is there no way it can print without getting crashed. I mean to say this because some times the HP printers prints of the DATA well enough,and sometimes it crashes, but the IBM printer never prints the data well and prints half the screen and blank pages . Thanks all
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