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I currently have a HP OfficeJet printer. Every month or so, I usually check to see if the ink is low and right now it's fine. But it's not printing black ink at all anymore. I even installed a new cartridge and it's still not working. The color is working. What's the issue here?

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You can try cleaning the print heads. Depending on old an d how often this printer is used they may need a cleaning . There are 2 ways, the way using there driver or a manual cleaning.
Step 1
Click on the “Start” in the lower left-hand corner of the computer. Click on “Control Panel,” and then click on “Printer and Faxes.”
Step 2
Click on the icon for the printer. Click on “Properties” and click on “Printing Preferences.”
Step 3
Click on the “Service” tab at the top of the window. Click on “Printer Services” tab at the top of the next window. Click on “Clean Printheads.” The printer will perform the printhead cleaning.
Manually Cleaning Printheads
Step 4
Turn on the printer. Open the cover to expose the printer carriage. Wait for 3 seconds and unplug the printer from the electrical outlet. The print cartridge will stay in place by unplugging the power.
Step 5
Remove the ink cartridge from the carriage by lifting up on the tab holding each cartridge in place. Remove the ink cartridge by pulling it out and up.
Step 6
Use a lint-free cloth to gently wipe the copper contacts on the bottom of the ink cartridges. If the residue is stubborn and won’t wipe off, use a cotton swab dipped in bottled water to remove the residue by rubbing gently. Do not wipe the nozzle on the ink cartridge; wipe only the flat contacts. Lay the cleaned ink cartridge on it side on newspaper. Do not stand it upright with the copper contacts touching the newspaper or the ink will drain out.
Step 7
Use the lint-free cloth to wipe the contact points in the print carriage. If the residue won’t come off, use a cotton swab wet with bottled water to remove the residue. Wait 5 minutes after you have cleaned the printer contacts before replacing the ink cartridge.
Step 8
Place the ink cartridges back in the printer cartridge. Snap down the top to secure the cartridges. Plug the power cord in the wall outlet. Close the cover. The printer is ready to use after running through the initialization.

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  • Subhendu Sen
    Probably cartridge installation is not properly executed. What model of HP OfficeJet printer? Before installation was it worked fine with older cartridge. For your help, please check here, https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03425035
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  • ToddN2000
    If you try and send a plain text document to the printer does it still print but using colors to create a "black" ink, or does nothing print at all? What type of system and application are you printing from? IT could be the page defaults may need to be changed or modified. Provide some more details if you can and we can help.
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  • Xxx
    Print Heads might be faulty.
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  • Subhendu Sen
    If you are not so comfortable with all of these, you can contact experts who deals with printers etc. and they are in a better position to help you in this regard.
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  • ToddN2000
    HP printers can be spotty at times.We just had a scenario at work where our department was trying to print an email attachment, it was color. The first persons printed fine . Everyone after that, printing the same attachement from the same sender,  got big blocks of color where text should have been. We could go into the document properties and tell it to print black and white and we could read the print then. We rebooted the printer and again the first one printed fine and the following we un-readable.  Did not think to try printing the first with multiple copies..Maybe if I get some time to test this out.

    Check the current properties and see if it's set for color or black and white... If it's not printing black, is it printing another color instead of black?
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