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Hi, I've been working as an AS400 Professional in one of India's largest MNCs for the past 2 years. Now i have a chance of shifting into MAINFRAMES in same organization. Most of my friends telling me that MAINFRAMES had lot of opportunities compared to AS400. Can anyone please suggest me how bright AS400 would be in near future compared to MAINFRAMES.

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There will always be mainframes and AS/400’s and deveolper who will deveolp the systems. When I was looking for a job six years ago, there was very few mainframe positions available, but there numerous AS/400 positions available but the numbers were dwintering because a lot of the jobs were going overseas.

Now, I’m afraid if I get laid off again, (previously I have been laid off three times) the chances of getting a AS/400 job will be very remote.

If I were you, and I’m doing my own advice, is to stay at your current AS/400 positon and grow with the company you work for.

Does anyone else feel the same way?


I think going from one low job opportunity platform to another may not be helpful. If you can start phasing into an alternate platform / language that is in demand, that will afford you better chances. Of course there will have to be a day when there is a bit more AS400 demand because no one is getting into it or taking classes on it but that may not happen for some time.


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  • BrentSheets
    Moderator Note: Hello Mohan. You may also wish to visit the Training and Education section on our sister site Search400 and the Mainframe section on our sister site SearchDataCenter for more information and resources. Best to you on your career decision.
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  • mshen
    Ron, I agree you should grow with your company, but you should also enhance your expertise in newer or more lasting areas during your employment. With an updated skill set you will never find yourself looking for a job in a dwindling employment pool. I may be wrong, but I have the feeling that we are moving away from mainframes in the US. I have no idea what it is like in India though.
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  • WoodEngineer
    Hello Mohan, I agree that growing with your company is a good idea. Following that path has served me well for my 30+ years in this business. At the same time I advise keeping in mind a question asked recently by John Paris, Whose career is it, yours or your company's? I believe he is suggesting that we invest training money ourselves instead of just waiting on our employeer. Based on the resources IBM continues to invest in the AS/400, I expect it to be around for a long time. Many companies continue to run their businesses on these fine machines. The demise of the AS/400 has been predicted for years but it just keep on going. At the same time, take time to expand your knowledge of the various new programming tools available on the AS/400. Now that PHP runs on the AS/400 many options are open to you to build new skills. The good news is that PHP skills transfer nicely to other platforms. Good luck.
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  • KSoniat
    I've seen more AS400 than mainframe jobs in the southern US. I'm not sure how that relates to India. I don't know whether knowing both systems would ultimately help you in your current situation or not. Consider whether more years experience on one system is better for you rather than less experience on multiple platforms. Is the new job a "promotion?" Best of Luck, whatever you decide. K
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  • Mohan K
    Thanks for all of you for your valuable suggestions. I decided to continue with my current technology AS/400 by consedering all of your suggestions. Thanks Mohan K
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  • Kalyani11
    Hi , I read about AS/400 ... It is IMB iseries...But what is the future of it ...are there any opportunities for this field in INDIA? will an employee have any future who wish to work in AS/400
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