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Currently at work we are having some major internet connections. I'm working in a fiber optic environment and our internet connections it bounces back on forth. We've already bought a brand new switch out Netgear firewall is about 4 months new and replace some cat5 cables. What else could cause out internet drop frequent thought out the day? is there a software that I can download to diagnose the problem. Could some of the fiber optic cable be damage? This issues is being happening since last week. I would appreciate If I can get help. Thanks.   

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Please kindly check the netgear firewall log to check out the problem. You can by pass the firewall and test the internet connection. If internet connection is Ok, please switch in the firewall and test the connection again. After you switch in the firewall and the connection is abnormal, please review the firewall log.
Sometime if would caused fiber optic cable, please use another fiber optic cable to test the connection again.
All the best to you.

The issue seems unclear. Is the network connection still up but traffic not passing or is the connection having intermittent outages? If the connection is up and traffic not passing, there is a lot of things that could cause this. The link could be saturated, a bad route could be causing packets to be lost, a firewall could be blocking the traffic. Other things that could cause the connection to have intermittent outages:

# Power spikes – Faulty power strips can cause inconsistent power resulting in frequent disconnects and system restarts.
# Outside interference – Anything from bad weather to power outages to electromagnetic or radio interference.
# Viruses or worms
# Outdated firmware/drivers
# Bad physical layer connections
# Bad central office (CO) connection – have telecom provider check “last mile”

Are clients having trouble getting to any other services on the local network or is it just the internet (services outside the local network)? If they have trouble getting to both, check the DHCP server settings – there could be a rogue DHCP server on the network leasing out bad addresses to clients.

Feel free to come back with more details and we will be glad to assist further.

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  • Troy Tate
    You might also try looking at some of these ITKE blog postings for additional assistance in troubleshooting.
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  • Kevin Beaver
    Have you spoken with your ISP so they can help your troubleshoot it? You should be able to get them to run some reports and help track it down.
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