How to write source code in white color line in AS/400 programs?

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Source code
How to write source code in white color lines and if we want write it in other than green or white color how to do that? Thanks!

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If using Client Access, create another desktop icon that access the AS/400 / i-Series.  Name it editor for example.  You can change the colors easily by clicking the display color icon and choosing the colors for that session display. Save your changes for this session. Leave the original desktop icon that access the AS/400 / i-Series with the default color settings.

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  • TheRealRaven
    First advice: Don't do it. A source file has a CCSID associated with it. This allows the character encoding to be properly translated when the source moves across to other platforms, such as to a PC when a decent IDE is used for maintenance.

    In order to get "color" into your source, it's necessary to put non-text characters into source lines. Those characters cause color display attributes to be set resulting in "colored" source when viewed on 5250 displays. But source lines should only contain 'text' characters by definition. Once cross-platform gets involved, CCSID misconfigurations on either the source or destination system (or both) can bring unintended results.

    Second advice: Use a decent editor if color is desired. Color lines are really only appropriate for SEU, and SEU was stabilized back in V5R4. It's getting more obsolete with every release.

    Use a decent editor and colored lines can be effected automatically. No need to "colorize" anything.
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  • TheRealRaven
    ...Besides that, good coding style eliminates usefulness of colored lines. It can even make those lines look bad and distracting.
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  • rajeshkmr571
    I think you are looking for this one


    White         = apl 22
    White_UL      = apl 26
    White_RI      = apl 23

    Green         = apl 20                     
    Green_RI      = apl 21                      
    Green_UL      = apl 24                     
    Green_UL_RI   = apl 25                      

    Red           = apl 28  
    Red_RI        = apl 29  
    Red_HI        = apl 2a  
    Red_HI_RI     = apl 2b  
    Red_UL        = apl 2c 
    Red_UL_RI     = apl 2d   
    Red_UL_BL     = apl 2e   

    Turq_CS       = apl 30               
    Turq_CS_RI    = apl 31                       
    Turq_UL_CS    = apl 34                    
    Turq_UL_RI_CS = apl 35                   

    Yellow_CS     = apl 32 
    Yellow_CS_RI  = apl 33 
    Yellow_CS_UL  = apl 36 

    Pink          = apl 38 
    Pink_RI       = apl 39 
    Pink_UL       = apl 3c  
    Pink_UL_RI    = apl 3d  

    Blue          = apl 3a 
    Blue_RI       = apl 3b 
    Blue_UL       = apl 3e  

    From your AS/400 Client Access session:

    Click on Customize button.

    Click on any key, for example I want to map my ALT + W for white color 
    So click on W and type APL 22 in the box provided against Alt and save the settings. 

     Now go to the source line, which you want to make in White.
     Put your cursor just before the first word of the line and press ALT + R and enter, 
    the source line will be displayed white in color.
    Note: Do this color thing only for comment line.

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