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Hi Experts - 12 months ago, I installed the low-cost configuration below to provide wideband highspeed cable internet to my apartment building.  The ISP gave us one static IP, which I gave to my router, which in turns handles DHCP for all the units through the switch and a patch panel.  Today, we ordered an additional static IP address, for a door locking system that allows remote access.  It needs its own static IP so the software can be used to add & remove key fobs.  I just assumed I could plug into the next port on the Cisco 1805 that ISP provided, and not interfere with the internet equipment that we own.  The ISP denied this request saying that we can only use one port and I have to deal with it myself.  I don't know how to get my old school router to do this.  Thanks for your time in advance!

So my static IP's are: and

The default gateway is:

Subnet mask is (they gave me 5 static IP's)

DNS is irrelevent but assume i have two addresses.

Software/Hardware used:
Cisco 1805 (ISP), Linksys Router (think an old wireless router), Linksys SRW2048 switch

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The easiest solution would be to go and pick up a 5 port network switch. Place this switch between the cable modem and the router. Then plug the upstream for the new networks router into the switch.


Additionally, along with the switches adn NAT’ing, maybe some port forwarding if you need to reach the internal devices remotely…

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  • BlankReg
    The alternative is that you configure address translation on the router (NAT) and nat the new IP address to the private address you can give to the door lock system. Using the router allows you to restrict the ports to the absolute minimum, and uses any firewall that the Linksys may have. It also allows you to use that address for other services if you want.
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