How to transfer RPG II programs on AS/400s 36 to RPG IV on power 520 AS/400

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I have a type 9406 model 170, serial nr 65A14SA which runs over 500 programs in RPG II in s36 mode. As from jan 1th 2018 IBM withdraws my service contract for this machine. Our machine was the last model that could run RPG II programs in S36 modes on AS/400. Without service, we can't use the machine anymore. Meaning my company will stop working!! I can get a refurbished IBM 9406 power MODEL 520 Tower model with service contract possibility. However we cannot run RPGII programs on this machine because it will not support s36 environment. How can we transfer / migrate our RPG II programs to RPG IV

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I agree with mmanley.  We run version 7.2 on a Power7 system  Notice the S/36 environment line from the partial list of licensed programs shown below:

–    –     –     –     –     –

                     Display Installed Licensed Programs 
Licensed  Installed                                      
Program   Status       Description                       
5770SS1   *COMPATIBLE  Library QGPL                      
5770SS1   *COMPATIBLE  Library QUSRSYS                   
5770SS1   *COMPATIBLE  IBM i                             
5770SS1   *COMPATIBLE  Extended Base Support             
5770SS1   *COMPATIBLE  Online Information                
5770SS1   *COMPATIBLE  Extended Base Directory Support   
5770SS1   *COMPATIBLE  System/36 Environment   <<—————-
5770SS1   *COMPATIBLE  System/38 Environment             

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  • pdraebel
    Do you have the sources for the programs? In that case you can use those to compile the RPG's on the new System i. For OCL to CLP conversion you will need to write CL counterparts for the OCL programs.
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  • ToddN2000
    Sounds like you have a big job ahead of you. As pdraebel mentioned, if you have the code, move it to the new machine. Try an compile new objects. Those that don't compile will have to converted and a majority of those will be the control programs. Even though IBM service contract will be up, if you own the machine I should still think it will run. It is just when it does die or has an issue, IBM won't support it. This may buy you a little more time to migrate to a new machine and updated code. Do you have an IT staff to handle the upgrade?
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  • wimeugster
    As for the sources of the RPG II programs, yes I have them. But I have been told that the new machine can't compile the old RPG II programs because many programs use multiple described records. And concerning the OCL statements, I don't know how to convert to CL statements. Any idea how to find a manual for that? I understand that my old machine could go on may be for several years but it worries my if he dies early next year. And no I do not have IT staff to handle this and learning a new skill is not something I am looking for being 80 years old and having an obsolete memory.
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  • ToddN2000
    Sounds like a bad situation. What type of business are you running on this machine? There may be some software vendors that can offer a system that will suit your needs. It would just be a matter of migrating your databases to theirs. They can sometimes guide you through this or even offer the conversion utilities. Depending on how large your system is you may be able to get down to a much smaller and efficient system. Can you provide some more details and maybe we could recommend a product on the market that might be more beneficial.
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  • mmanley
    Where did you hear that you couldn't run the S/36 environment on newer systems? We've just installed the latest Power 8 system, and the System/36 environment is certainly still supported. The new systems are much less expensive than the old ones, and maintenance is significantly cheaper. Have you considered just purchasing a new system?
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  • lshrhd
    There is no reason why you can't run the old RGPII programs on the new machines as long as you have the S36 environment software product installed. You can also run the old OCL. The only programs that I know of that won't work are the ones written in WSU If you have the source code for them they should be relatively easy to convert to RPG/ILE, also any DFU Utilities will need to be rebuilt.
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  • ToddN2000
    If you are getting a new machine, from an authorized dealer, they should be able to guide you in the setup to still run your s/36 jobs. Ask around before purchasing a new machine if that is the direction you are going.
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