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Hi, i have taken the backup in 2 hours, but now user want reduce the backup timing. any one that can help me? we are using fiber in latest model tap divces and cartridge. thanks in advance

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what backup are you doing? image or data or??

if you do for data, and you cannot wait so long, then do real time replication to another hdd then only move to tape also depends a lot on read write speed so many factors need to be considered

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  • DanTheDane
    Have you considered to first make a disk-to-disk backup using virtual tapes (image-catalogs (GO CMDIMG to see commands). When this is done, system is free for user's producton, and you can copy the virtual tape image to a physical image, eventually running with low priority. DanF
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  • Marz
    The other question, and maybe it is too obvious, is: what are you backing up? We were able to significantly shorten out backup time by identifying libraries with static data files (like storage libraries for scanned images) that can be backed up once to tape - and eliminating them from the daily backup procedure. [In the Navigator, Backup; Policies; Daily Properties; What; [User libraries; Selected; Browse]; [Folders;Browse]
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  • CharlieBrowne
    NOt backing up access paths and journaled files may help
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  • Rickmcd
    On the Iseries 2 things that will cut down time but restores need to be considered. 1,,,,, Do not save access paths on whatever Save command you are using. If you have many logical files or logicals over large files it will cut down backup time, 2...... If you are on V5R4 ensure that you are not saving Spool Files. If you have alot of outques and you are saving spool data that will increase backup time.
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  • pdraebel
    We use BRMS for our backup. Some time ago I implemented Save While active and Incremental (Save Changed Objects Only). The reduction in System Unavailability with the Save While Active only was from 6hrs to under 1Hr. In our production environment I have not implemented the Incremental Backup yet, but that could also reduce Unavailable time further.
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  • Splat
    How are you backing up? Are you bringing the system into a restricted state, then saving the entire system? Are you saving a group of libraries while the system is active?
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  • WoodEngineer
    Maybe some libraries could be eliminated from your nightly backup. This is the last step in our nightly back job. It generates a report we find useful.
                 OUTPUT(*PRINT) MSGID(CPC3701 CPF3771) /* +   
                 Libary save and not saved messages */        
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  • Featured Member: Rickmcd - ITKE Community Blog
    [...] How to take the backup with reducing time [...]
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