How to solve Fedora booting problems

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Fedora Core
I installed Fedora core(2.6.18-1.2798.fc6). It installed properly and worked properly, but it structed while working and after restarting it shows following error: UFS:Cannot find ext3 filesystem on dev dm0. mount:error mounting/dev/rooton/sysroot as ext3:Invalid argument. Steuproot: error mounting/proc:No such file or directory. Steuproot: error mounting/sys:No such file or directory. Switchroot: mount failed:No such file or directory. kernel panic-not syncing:Attempted to killinit! Please tell me how to solve this and open Linux

Software/Hardware used:
Fedora core(2.6.18-1.2798.fc6)

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Your answer is in the first line of the error messages given. The hard drive failed to mount, therefore, since it could not find the hard drive, it could not find anything to boot off of so it died.

I am not that well versed in Linux, but, if you really don’t need Fedora, use Ubuntu. Much more user friendly and you won’t have problems like this. But, if you HAVE to have Fedora, I would suggest to either get a bible for Fedora or a web site because you are going to have many more problems. That is why I moved from Linux to Ubuntu and I am seriously considering building my servers at home with it after I do a bit more reading and testing.

But that is only my suggestion.


There might be corrupted system files during the OS installation procedure. Remember that corruption of system files normally happens during installation because of many reasons. Make sure that you installed it completely and properly.

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  • petkoa
    Sorry, I'm not a native English speaker - what means "structed" ? Are you sure you installed the system on a dmraid (device dm0)? If "structed" involved some problem with the power supply, is it possible that system POST after that changed BIOS configuration to a foolproof one (e.g., raid vs. separate disks?)
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  • carlosdl
    "...use Ubuntu. Much more user friendly and you won't have problems like this" We still don't know what's the root cause of those errors, so we don't know how other OSes would react to it. For example, if the disk got physically damaged by a power failure, no OS would be able to boot to that disk. "...That is why I moved from Linux to Ubuntu ..." Ubuntu is still Linux, did you know that ?
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  • Shri1818
    Try to boot your Fedora from LiveCD and see if your root drive preset , things may be recoverable.. Recognize your root drive and run fsck on the ext3 partitions. it might help you..
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