How to see/check other person’s JOBLOG to analyze the problem?

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Dear all, How to see/check other person's JOBLOG to analyze the problem?( i.e. to check what has gone wrong.) Is there a way to check the JOBLOG of a JOB which is not active currently? I would be more than Happy; if you can explain me with an example. Thanks in Advance, Svanky

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use command <b>wrkoutq qezjoblog </b>
and look for the log of the user to analyze.


QEZJOBLOG can be quite large
If you know the job name, you can do WRKJOB JOBNAM.
You will then get a list to select from.
Take option 1 to select, then option 4 to look look at spool files.
Not all all jobs will create a joblog entry in the spool file.
If depends on what you setting are for the job.


If the job is still active or in the jobq, you can manually change the job to produce a joblog.
Prompt option 2 next to the job, press F10, F11, scroll down once and check if the parms for LOG are (4 00 *SECLVL) and LOGCLPGM *YES.


You need to know what the name of the job was or at least the name of the user. <b>AND</b> the joblog had to be spooled when the job ended.

If you know the name of the job, you can start with DSPJOB <jobname>. If anything still exists from the job, spooled reports or the spooled joblog, then you’ll be able to look at them. Otherwise the job is gone.

If you don’t know the name of the job (and the joblog was spooled), you can use WRKSPLF <username>. The spooled joblog should be at the end of any list that shows.

No matter what, if the job wasn’t set up to retain a record of its joblog, then it’s gone.


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  • pdraebel
    Assuming a job log is produced (normally if settings are correct a failing job would produce a joblog) you have several commands to check for the joblog. First would be WRKJOBLOG. You may not be authorised to view the joblog of users that have *ALLOBJ authority and your profile has not. This joblogs can be viewed but you'll have to use WRKFCNUSG to allow your profile to view those joblogs.
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  • Splat
    If you don't know the job name but do know the user name, try WRKUSRJOB USER(user name) to locate the job.
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  • CarterC19
    Actually, there is a user profile setting, accessible only via Navigator, that will allow a user who does *not* have *ALLOBJ authority to view the joblog of a user that *does* have *ALLOBJ authority. Right-clicking the profile to get Properties, click the Applications tab, change the drop down to Host applications, and under the I5/OS / All object subcategory you will see a checkbox to 'Access joblog of *ALLOBJ job'. Check that and you're good to go. True, you gotta go well out of your way to do it, but I imagine in the security world that's how it should be.
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  • TomLiotta
    ...there is a user profile setting, accessible only via Navigator... As noted earlier, it is not only accessible via iNav. The WRKFCNUSG is a 'Work with...' command that let's you get to the green-screen option. Scan for the QIBM_ACCESS_ALLOBJ_JOBLOG Function ID. A related one is QIBM_ALLOBJ_TRACE_ANY_USER. Technically, I doubt if any system feature is available only via iNav. Various GUI displays are obviously not available elsewhere, but the system attributes behind GUI displays can be queried by programs (in green-screen) just as they can be queried remotely by a PC running iNav. Likewise, the same attributes can be changed by sending the same commands from a program running on the host. Tom
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