How to run full system backup using tape in AS/400

I need step by step process to run full system backup with tape in AS/400.

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Check out the instructions at this link from TechTarget

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  • Subhendu Sen
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  • WoodEngineer
    Google "iSeries save entire system". You will get many responses.
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  • Splat
    Generally we follow 3 steps.

    1. End all subsystems (ENDSBS SBS(*ALL) DELAY(600))
    2. From a command line type go save, take option 21.
    3. Restart the system (PWRDWNSYS RESTART(*YES))
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  • GregManzo
    We (over) engineered a few CL programs to do a full backup at 23:45 every Sunday, then eject the tape and restart the system. The only pre-condition was that an operator had to sign on to the console at some point during the week as a "Save Control" user that had a specific sign-on program. Our scheduled day-end job sends a message to this sign-on program telling it to start the whole shutdown-save-restart process. Backups happen while you sleep. :-)
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  • pdraebel
    We also used to do the System Save via the Console that was ready to receive the trigger to start the system shutdown to restricted state (required for System Save) take the Backup and IPL the system. Since we use BRMS we use that to launch the console job.
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  • azohawk

    If you have a tool like BRMS or Robot Save or something else, use that tool.

    We do a full system save every night. (no tools)

    On the console:

    (user profile must have enough authority to perform backups)

    on a command line- Go Save <enter>

    21 <enter>

    verify the paramaters on the screen (restart, time to start the backup, etc.)

    press enter.

    This will end the subsystems, perform the backup and initiate the QSTARTUP routine (check the system value for the program and look at the  source to see what happens in the start up routine).  We have a few jobs that start off the system job scheduler in the event some one forgets to set the back up.

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  • TheRealRaven
    @azohawk: Any large site wouldn't dream of attempting a "full system save" every night, most likely not even over night. Only the smallest sites would consider doing that. And it's generally a waste of time, so it's only rarely (once a year?) worth doing... for perhaps most sites.

    How often do you test those backups? Restoring from them every once in a while could show that a more appropriate save strategy would be much more useful.
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  • TheRealRaven
    @rajasekarsrm40: The Backup and recovery topic in the Knowledge Center for your system type and OS version is where you need to look. We'd need to know a lot more details about your system environment to know what steps you should take.
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  • Gayathri123

    Please follow the below steps to perform full backup using native commands.

     1. Mount the tape.
     2. End all the subsystem using " ENDSBS SBS(*ALL) OPTION(*IMMED)" command.
     3. Type " Go save" from the main menu.
     4. Select "option 21" to perform the entire system backup"
     5. IPL the system once the backup is completed using PWRDWNSYS command.

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  • azohawk

    @realraven, (I just saw your note on here). I am not going to disagree with you. We have a window of time (we work 2 10 hour production shifts) that allows us enough time to do a full back up.

    I have restored single items from tape, but we do not have a way to do a full restore (it is what it is, and until there is a real issue, it won't change).

    After I wrote this, we changed hour production schedule for the summer, so we had to make some modifications, and only performed a save21 once a week with incremental saves during the week.

    The original question was "how to do a save". I have to presume that the person asking the question is in a small shop, new to the environment with no back up tools. Which is why I gave the response that I did.

    Is what we are doing the best way? There are probably better ways, but sometimes you have to wait for the right time to rock the boat.

    We should also note that the profile used to sign on to the console to do the back up must have authority to the a backup.

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  • ToddN2000
    If timing is an issue you can look into the "save while active"
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