how to retrieve an old outlook express inbox i mistakingly deleted somehow?

Microsoft Outlook Express
Windows 2000 Professional
On March 30, 2008 I was trying to personalize my fathers HP Pavilion mx70 with Windows 2000 Professional, because he bought it from a friend a couple years ago and when you shutdown to sign in the computer still had the old owners name. I believe I messed up by switching administrators for the users. As of today March 31, 2008 I lost his files in "MY Documents" , but was able to retrieve those. But his outlook Express email had a couple of years of saved important emails in his inbox...that are gone, I need to get those back for him. Can you pleeeeeeeeeease HELP me?

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If you’ve managed to get the documents back then more than likely the emails are safe. If I remember correctly OE emails are stored in a file with the PBX or dbx file extention, what you will need to do is find where the pbx for the old user account is stored and then import it into the new users accounts oe account.

normally the file is stored in the C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities”long number here”\Microsoft\Outlook Express

location, just browse to it from within outlook express and import the files that exist there.

You might need to change your view to include hidden folders (cant remember if 2000 does that or not), on xp its in the windows explorer then tools/folder options/view

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  • how to use old outlook express inbox
    [...] Advertisement ... how to retrieve an old outlook express inbox i mistakingly deleted somehow? ... outlook express tutorialYou can tell outlook express to check for new mail in minutes. ... [...]
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  • Nw2008
    I found the long number folder that you mentioned but it is empty (not Microsoftoutlook express).I don't know how is that although this is the default location in OE!!
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  • KyleFreeman
    I assume you've looked in the Recycle Bin for a file entitled "inbox.dbx" (or since this was an old file, you say, you might have renamed it with a different file extension, in which case searching for any file with the name inbox would do.) If you didn't find it in the Recycle Bin, you might then do a search of the whole harddrive for inbox.* If you find one older than the current date, assuming that you have overwritten the old one with a current Outlook Express account, you should note the address of the old one, and then ask a current OE to import mail from the address of the old one. It's probably easier to copy the old one to somewhere convenient, like the root folder of My Documents. Also, you may have done a compacting operation on Outlook Express at some point in the past. When you do that, OE saves the uncompacted inbox.dbx file as inbox.bak. Renaming that to inbox.dbx and putting it somewhere convenient will let you either use it as the current inbox for OE or let you import the mail in that renamed file into your current OE inbox. If no trace of any inbox file with any extension shows up, then your only other possibility is to look at any place you've ever made a backup of your files (another hard drive, for example, say an older one from which you transferred your system to a newer, bigger hard drive) and look for inbox.* there. Good luck.
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  • Rakei
    If your email files cannot be located in its default location and If you think that it might have been accidently deleted theres Disk Doctors undelete software to help dug out those deleted files, even if its deleted permanantly from your recycle bin. however, the software may not be free.. hope this help//
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  • Tommy26
    You may retrieve outlook express inbox data owing to tool below outlook express dbx fix software supports restoring .dbx info any data creation
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  • 2907 outlook express is not receiving mails..its showing that receiving 1 of 30 msg.but not receiving is happening from last Friday..please help me out becoze it creating lot of trouble to our organisation..
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