How to repair a hard disk?

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Hard disk performance
Seagate external drive
I've a external seagate 500gb hard disk.But,due to over voltage in my computer the clusters might have can i fix it or repair it.Please can you help me??

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seagate 500 gb external hard disk.

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If your hard disk drive platters have been damaged for any reason, unfortunately, there is no way to repair it because it is hardware damage. However, before concluding that it really is hardware damage, it is still important to do troubleshooting by testing your hard disk drive to another computer system.

Many times over voltage will NOT damage the actual workings of the hard disk but rather the PCB. There are a set of protection resistors and diodes that will generally burn out before any really serious damage happens. If this is the case it is a DIY repair that you can do to salvage the the data on your drive. It is highly recommended that you not use this drive (except to backup the data on it) after bypassing the the resistor and diode as the drive will no longer have over voltage protection and even a small power fluctuation from the PSU will burn out the drive.

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  • jinteik
    maybe you can try to move ur hdd to another pc to see if it still works. if it does try to rescue ur data too 1st.. there are people who do recover damage hdd files but it cost really a lot to do that process
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  • Rakei
    their's always a second try to kill your curiosity??? Theirs software out their that can do the job...if they didn't work on how they advertised that it would work, then we should sue them..but saving data is best before doing the process.. heard of Flobo recovery.. try that and see how it works..your experience can help others. but be advised that the last thing you would do is check disk.. hope that helps you.
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  • TomLiotta
    ...clusters might have damaged. Are there any symptoms? If it's an external drive, how diid problems in the PC have an effect? How is it connected? USB? What does the PC report the device as? Damage may be logical or physical. If physical, you'll almost certainly just throw it away and get a new one. If it's logical damage, it will probably either need to be reformatted or be fixed as much as can be fixed by running whatever "Error-checking" Tool shows up in the device Properties. No matter what, symptoms need to be known in order to make suggestions. Tom
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